I love breakfast nooks (many vintage pics)

rosemarytJanuary 30, 2011

One day, I'm going to have a breakfast nook in my house. I'm a nut about all things from the 1920s, and I love, love, love breakfast nooks. They just seem like such a great idea!

Here are some photos I've collected.

This is from the 1933 Montgomery Wards Hardware catalog.

Another picture from the same catalog:

And here's a picture from the Wardway Homes catalog.

And this is from the 1911 Ladies' Home Journal:

And from the Sears Modern Homes catalog

Aren't they grand and wonderful? Don't you want to sit down at one of these for your morning meal? Don't you have a hankering to make a red-gingham cushion for the bench seats?

Or is it just me? :)

Here is a link that might be useful: more photos of more nooks

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Well I'm not the "crafty" sort, but I could sure see *buying* some red gingham cusions ;) They really are cute ~ I tried to talk my sister into doing this in her kitchen remodel.... but it just didn't work into the plans .

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For 14.95, I'll take 3 please!

I love nooks.

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Rosemary, I restored a breakfast nook in a Twin Cities 1920s bungalow. I no longer own the house, but here is the photo! I had a carpenter design the benches and tables according to what we thought was there at one time.

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Marita, That is awesome!

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I had an adorable vintage nook set that we used in our 1920s houses. I had to let it go when we moved into this MCM place, but I still think of it wistfully at times.

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Oh my goodness, I LOVE THESE photos!

I've always, always, always wanted a breakfast nook, and I love these "real life" photos!

Thanks so much for posting.

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Thanks for the photos. I love nooks!

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This is very timely, I have a smallish eat in spot in the kitchen of a 1922 house that I have just purchased and have been biding the time until possession decorating it in my mind. A nook was one of the ideas that I was tossing around (if there is enough room) so I am loving these pictures!

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An elderly couple I know has a breakfast nook that looks practically identical to photo #5. Even the placement of the window on the wall. It's charming, however I've found it difficult to get in and out of when asked for coffee,ect. They couple seemed to have no problems all. Maybe I need to lose more weight!

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