Foul-Mouthed contractor having a screaming tantrum!

buddybenJanuary 29, 2009

I just have to vent and you guys seem an intelligent, helpful bunch!

A new house is being built right next door to my house. All the houses are in close proximity to each other in this neighborhood. So the construction next door has been hell for the past 5 months.

Anyway, the construction company owner makes occasional appearances at the job site. When he is here, he is screaming on his cell phone and screaming to his foreman constantly! He has the f-word and the sh-word literally in every sentence.

He put in the wrong windows and put the doorway in the wrong spot. He violated the approved building plans by putting exterior lights on the side of the house where he wasn't allowed to.

So when the city planner came out and told him he had done all these things wrong, the contractor began another screaming fit! (After the city planner left, of course!) He was screaming about the sh-- house next door, and the f-ing windows. He said everyone on this block had those f-ing windows. And about the b-i-t-c-h next door. I guess he had seen me talking to the city planner about the exterior lights. So the b-i-t-c-h next door was me.

This guy was screaming outside my living room! His tantrum went on for an hour. If he wasn't screaming on the cell phone, he was screaming at his foreman. Profanity in every sentence. He is literally less than 10 feet away from my living room when he is screaming. Even from inside my house, this guy was screaming so loud I had to leave the room I was in. Everytime he comes to the job site, he behaves this way. I have never seen a grown man have so little control over his emotions. And a lack of respect for anyone.

What do you guys think about this? What would you do?

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Call the police and report a disturbance the next time it happens.

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I'm not sure there is much you can do about jerks. Just be thankful he's just working there and not moving in!

Realistically, construction sites are loud. His language may be offensive, but he is probably still quieter than a circular saw. If they have been working for 5 months, they have to be getting close to done and then you'll never have to see the guy again anyway.

If you are still steamed, the new way to get even with bad contractors is to rate them on Angie's list. I bet lots of people would be happy for the warning.

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I'd call the police and report a disturbance as well. I'd say you are worried there's a fight since there are two men etc in the building screaming curses. That should shut him up for a day or two.

Do you know the homeowner? If I was alerted to this kind of behavior by my neighbors I'd fire him immediately. I actually did fire a contractor for standing on my porch yelling curse words. Neither my family nor my neighbors needs to hear that stuff from my contractor (mind you when I fell and broke my arm on the site I believe there was some cursing...heh heh) but general screaming like that...he'd be gone if I knew of it.

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Yup. He's creating a disturbance and you can rightly claim that with so much screaming and profanity you thought someone might be in a fight.

The guy needs a reality check.

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I'd contact the homeowner too, if you could. Even if you didn't know them well. If that's not an option I'd probably step outside and ask him to tone it down myself - but I'm not afraid of confrontation. Only if that didn't work would i call the police. You could always say there are children in your house and they can hear every word.

Hopefully the job is almost done and you won't have to deal with him too much longer, either way.

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I would definitely contact the homeowner first. We just finished a big project and I would have been APALLED had one of my neighbors reported this activity to me--as it happened my contractors were gentlemen, but if they hadn't been and my neighbors told me...I'd have taken care of it!

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Thanks for your ideas.
The property owner is an investor who is building the house to sell it. He has no stake whatsoever in the neighborhood. The architect told me the owner told him to design whatever kind of house he wanted -- as long as the square footage of the house was at the maximum allowable by code.

The first time this property owner ever bothered to talk to any of the neighbors was when the house plans were being presented at the city's public Design Review Board meeting. I was there at the meeting. In the middle of the meeting, some guy taps me on the shoulder from behind and starts yakking at me during the meeting. The boardmembers will actually ask people in the audience not to talk during the meeting, so this guy was just plain rude.

Then the guy must have thought I was an idiot because he said this 1,900 square foot home was his dream home and he was going to move there for his retirement. Pardon me, but my neighborhood is historically a lower-middle class neighborhood in the middle of the third largest city in California. People don't dream of building their dream home on my block for their retirement! ALso, the owner NEVER comes to the job site -- another indicator this isn't his dream home as he proclaims.
I like the calling the police idea but I don't know if I have the nerve to face him after the police are gone. (I'm just a middle-aged lady who likes old houses and who likes to garden!) Thanks again!

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Some cities actually have laws against swearing in public, so definitely call the police. I would also tape-record it, just in case.

Carla in Sac

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He doesn't have to know that you're the one who called the police.

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If you give your name to the police or they have caller ID you will probably be identified by name in the police report which is available to the public if someone asks for it. If he shouts directly at you and uses abusive or threatening language or gestures he can be charged with "assault" by the police with you as a witness. If he comes on your property while in that mode he would probably be arrested especially if alcohol or drugs are involved (which is highly likely). It helps to have another witness, video, etc.

In any event, he would probably get a written warning and that would be noted at the dispatch level which would alert the police to bring backup if they were called to that address again.

He obviously doesn't understand how much trouble he could get into by this kind of behavior. The downside is that you might have to testify against him in court. It's important to decide how much disruption to your life this guy is worth. Be glad he won't be living there.

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Of course, if you believe in some form of Karma, you can just wait for the jerk to leave one day and then bring the workers some hot coffee and let them know you appreciate their saintly patience in working for a boss like that. I think I'd find that more satisfying then dealing with the police and court system over a problem that is going to resolve itself shortly anyway.

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Personally, I would confront him on his noise & swearing - there is such a thing as noise pollution. I would also register a HUGE complaint with the owner (never mind his remoteness), the architect and the state board that licenses contractors. Why should you have to put up with his jerkness?!

Here is a link that might be useful: CA Contractors State License Board complaints

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Whatever else you might do, I strongly suggest that you not go on your neighbor's property for any reason whatsoever and that you not interfere with the workers there even in the guise of friendship. You would be likely to be playing beyond your league and skills. You might consider finding something else to worry about until the project is completed.

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I'd call the city planner and let him know what is going on behind his back ;-) I'd also file a complaint with the gov. dept. (dept. of commerce here) that licenses that joker. Bleck.

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Sticks and stones. He's a nasty little man who'll soon be gone. As the Beatles sang, "Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be."

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You sure it wasn't a movie star who wandered in? (video clip)

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I agree with Worthy. If you like to win fights be careful to avoid people who like to fight and don't care what other people think of them. Trust me, the really nasty ones will eventually get their punishment with or without your assistance.

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