Oscar dresses...Alisande and others

pam_25fFebruary 25, 2013

I watched the Echannel preOscar red carpet show (much better than ABC). I thought there were many fabulous dresses. I was very disappointed by Anne Hathaway's dress. Pointed darts, neckline, bodice...just blah. Echannel does some interesting dissection and chat. Don't agree with them completely. I loved Jenifer Aniston's red ball gown and they thought it was blah. And I really don't get the points they make about jewelry, but the show is interesting. Missed the morning talk shows, but E will do much more about the fashions tonight. Comments about the dresses?

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Oh I hated Anne Hathaway's dress too! It looked like a bib with nipples, LOL. I liked Jennifer Lawrence's dress and I thought Octavia Spencer's dress was one of the prettiest there.

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yeah I think anne needs a new clothier...Jennifer Lawrence dress was too much...Robin Roberts was my favorite dress!!

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Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston were my favorite dresses. Along with everyone else, I really did not like Hathaway's "business in the front, party in the back, with nipples" dress. I also did not like Jennifer Garner's dress with the ruffle up the back that reminded me of a fish's dorsal fin. (and what's with all the Jennifers??) I did like Jennifer Hudson's dress. The Naomi Watts dress with one sleeve was odd looking. I liked Amy Adams and all her ruffles but she looked to pale. Jessica Chastain's nude number was pretty. Melissa McCarthy looked dreadful and I felt that dress did not flatter her fuller figure at all. Jane Fonda's dress was too bright yellow, but altogether she look astounding for someone age 70+. Another loser for me was Reese Witherspoon, plus she was botoxed into complete paralysis.

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Eeek--I just typed a long, detailed post on the dresses, and then accidentally deleted the tab in my browser. Ugh. I may come back to try again in a little while, but for now I can say I agree with almost all the above.

Here's a slide show of all the dresses. I was using it to refresh my memory on some of them.


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I *loved* Sandra Bullock's dress!!!!!!!

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I like Anne's dress and Helen Hunt's and Lara Spenser's. I was ready to shoot myself if I had to watch Kristin C. one more minute in the pre- show.

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I like Anne's dress too. I think she's channeling Audrey Hepburn for a classic look. The dresses I dislike most are the mermaid/wedding/prom dress looks with the extra long trains. Just too much.

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Casey, I agree Octavia Spencer's dress was beautiful .

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Jennifer Aniston's dress was pretty but she did nothing for it. If she'd just stand up straight rather than slump her shoulders forward she'd look fabulous. What's up with the slump?

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I loved Jennifer Lawrence's dress. I think Anne Hathaway's would have been pretty in a different color. As it was it looked too much like lingerie. Michelle Obama looked fabulous too.

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Anniston's dress was pretty. I just don't like red. She usually goes for something very understated and classy. That's why I loved Anne H. Audrey Hepburn like and classy. I hate trains and flounces and ruffles.

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Agree about Chenoweth. She was really getting on my nerves. She made a comment about every single woman who was larger than average -- either weight or height. I was wishing Adele would just squash her like a bug. I adore Adele. Hurray for non-skinny women.

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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Charlize Theron. I think she looked stunning. Her haircut was a surprise, I liked it. Love Adele. Kristen Chenowith has a great singing voice but her speaking voice can be irritating. She made practically every woman she stood next to look like an Amazon. I think that putting her in that position was short sighted.

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Obviously I am not very fashionable but I could tolerate Sandra B's dress, and a few others, if I had to wear them. Most of the others I would not be caught dead in and thought they were very ugly for someone else to have to wear. I wonder how many stand in front of the mirror crying and then have to be forced out into the public eye? :)

I couldn't do anything but chuckle at Brandi Glanville. Her just was just so HER.

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I thought Charlize Theron looked stunning in every way. You have to have a perfect face to pull off that haircut. Youth helps too. Jennifer Lawrence and her dress were gorgeous, but I thought it looked too much like a wedding gown. Possibly the Best. Wedding. Gown. Ever. :-)

I wrote the following while going through the slideshow I linked above.


Amanda SeyfriedâÂÂs pale grey lace dress, Alexander McQueen
Jennifer AnistonâÂÂs red
Sandra BullockâÂÂs black lace
Helen HuntâÂÂs royal blue
Octavia SpencerâÂÂs blush chiffon
Jamie FoxxâÂÂs beautiful daughterâÂÂs marine blue
Jennifer HudsonâÂÂs blue
Robin Robertsâ blue velvet
Little Quvenzhane Wallisâ blue

Not so thrilled:

Anne Hathaway - maybe in a different color?
Naomi Watts - looked too much like Star Trek
Halle Berry - I rarely like Versace
Jennifer Garner - I love her, and liked her dress, until she turned around.
Renee Zellweger in Caroline Herrera as usual. I often like CH, but this was so molded!
Amy Adams - I'm a fan, but thought she looked like a pale grey Big Bird.
Kate CapshawâÂÂs dress seemed too young for her.
Melissa McCarthy - that dress didn't do a thing for her.
Helena Bonham Carter
Sally Field. WhatâÂÂs with that train??
Quentin TarantinoâÂÂs date, Lianne Spiderbaby. I liked her dress about as much as I liked her name.
Mark RuffaloâÂÂs wife's dress was odd. I like him, though!
Not crazy about Jane FondaâÂÂs bright yellow and pointy shoulder pads. Versace again.
Gloria ReubenâÂÂs blue - not my thing at all.

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Charlize Theron made every other women look dowdy. Man, she looked amazing!

I didn't like Halle Berry's dress at all, nor Sandra Bullock. SB is one of my favorite actresses, but she dresses too old for her age, IMHO. Halle, too.

Jennifer Lawrence is as cute as can be, but I bet she regret that Cinderella dress. She was obvio\usly the reporters darling last night after her fall. Talk about poise!

I really didn't see much of it before I fell asleep, but it's been on all day long on one station or another.

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Are you watching Fashion Police tonight on E! ? I think Joan Rivers is a riot, although over the top at times. It will be interesting to hear what they say.

Giuliana Rancic is so odd looking. She reminds me of ET with her giant forehead. I'm not a fan.

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I watched with friends last night, and following the advice I got here at the KT we went back and forth between ABC and E!. I used to be a big Kristen Chenoweth fan, but man, things have changed. I was cringing.

This was my first time seeing the Rancic woman and other people I've heard about.

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Most of the dresses and jewelry are pretty good, but what really strikes me is the hair. Most of them look fairly drab. I get simple when you're wearing dresses that large and lots of sparkly jewelry, but how bland do you have to go? Simple doesn't mean hair like Kristen Stewart's just rolled out of bed look, ugh. Helen Hunt and Charlize Theron have pretty good hair. I really like Charlize Theron's haircut. You have to be very confident to pull off that cut. She is. She should be! I think that is what is wrong with Jennifer Anniston's look. Her dress is fine, but her hair is so basic.

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