Easiest way to draw layout of old house to work with ?

gardurnitJanuary 12, 2010

Easiest way to draw layout of old house to work with in home projects?

I've got a large 2 story 1914 house that I'd like to draw out the rooms relative to each


I have done it by hand several times.

It's time I commit it to digital so it's not required to redraw it over and over.

I even have a drawing pad for my computer which I don't mind trying out for this.

What's the most expedient way to accomplish this so the drawings can be used for

other purposes or other people seeing it?



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SketchUp is 3D, fun to use, and free from Google .

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I can't figure out how to use sketchup...admittedly it has been 2 years since i tried. I tried total 3-d home too but it had a lot of limitations that I could not figure out how to resolve. I will be watching this thread as I am also interested

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How about using a photocopier instead of a computer? The old trick of drawing the outline once, carefully to scale, and making copies to use for sketching out ideas has always worked for me. If you need a digital file, you can scan it.

The more programs they come out with, the more I appreciate pencil, graph paper, and ruler!


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Pencil and paper still works.

If you want to try different furniture arrangements paper cutouts of the furniture on a scale drawing are still faster than you can drag things around with a mouse.

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How many of the free video tutorials did you study before deciding that you didn't know how to use SketchUp?

If you paid $500 for the Pro version you would probably learn how to use it in a day.

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Pencil, paper, ruler....and a copier :) That's what I do too!

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I went through the same thing, then, sat down and actually read the total 3d instructions and went through the tutorial and finally figured it out, sort of, enough to work from the space plan and design plan parts, forget the rest! It's enough to get by on but I'll be watching to see if there is something easier!

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