HELP!! Brand New Glass Cooktop is Ruined!!

colorblind1961January 25, 2012

We recently purchased (about 5 months ago) a new glass top stove. It has a black glass top. I faithfully clean it with the polishing cream that came recommended with the stove every time I use it...cleans up like new every time...even the toughest baked on, crusty messes come clean. Tonight I cooked burgers on the stove and made a very greasy mess...there was a lot of smoke when the grease spattered. Not to worry...I used my trusted polish and it did work as usual, BUT, there looks to be like a white-ish haze where the grease really spattered. I cleaned it again, and still the white, hazy marks are there. They don't feel as smooth as the rest of the top either. Is the glass top ruined??? Can this be remedied with some other type of cleaner?? Did I rub so hard that I rubbed the glass surface off in that spot?? I'm such a clean freak and this is driving me nuts...not to mention that the stove is brand new! Please help!!

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I had mine two hours when my husband took the wrong scrub pad and rubbed so vigorously that he took off all the white dots. You may have done the same thing,if so, nothing can be done. I bought a cute kettle and put it over the spot.

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I've had my smooth cook top (black) for a long time now and I don't baby it; still looks good. That white haze might be grease being smeared around. Try either: Lysol kitchen cleaner, 409 (or something similar), windex, or Barkeeper's Friend. Trust me, I seldom use the cleaner that's recommended and it still looks fine. Remember, it's glass, so clean it like glass.

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Doesn't sound right to me. We've had ours for 7 years and we have only the tiniest of minor scratches (very recent). Try switching your cleaner. We use Ceramabryte every time we cook. We also have a Scrunge for those really hard to clean stains. Sometimes we really need to use a lot of elbow grease or let a wet rag soak on it for a while, but everything has eventually come off.

If you had said you'd burned sugar on it I'd be worried, but grease shouldn't damage it.

Another thing to try is going over the white haze with a cloth soaked in vinegar. If the haze is left over cleaner, the vinegar should remove it.

Good luck and post back.

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I've had my glass top for 14 years. I no longer use the polish. A magic eraser works wonders!


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Ours is even older than tinam61's - same advice from me - use a magic eraser. After that I follow up with a spray of window cleaner or vinegar/water and a microfiber cloth - it looks like new.

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You can also use one of those double edged razor tools to scrape off any burnt on gunk. The razor will scrape it right up without any damage to the glass top.

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Don't feel bad. I've ruined my less than a year old stainless steel Viking cooktop. It has huge long scratches where I cleaned it with recommended cleaner, but apparently, there was some dried salt that did the scratching. I also have a brown spot where an overhanging aluminum pan had a reaction with the stainless steel. Oh yeah, and then there is the dent I made when I dropped my heavy stainless steel salt shaker on the lip. Thankfully, my husband hasn't noticed any of the imperfections. ;)

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newhomebuilder - that's patina, not imperfections.

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Try dish soap and a wet rag.

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Circus Peanut

Run a razor blade carefully over surface moistened with any liquid soap.

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I've been cleaning mine successfully for several years using a microfiber cloth and Palmolive dish liquid. It takes a few times to rinse the soapy bubbles away but generally cleans w/o needing the ceramabrite or scrubby. Only get the razor out later for baked on spots.

The reason I do that is that my mother scrubbed the circles off hers in one year using a razor and the scrubby/ceramabrite every day! The haze sounds like something hard was under the scrubby and scratched it.

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I dampen my top then sprinkle it with baking soda then use dishrag and wash it down good. Rinse it off then clean it with windex. Never had any problems.

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Ceramabryte - we've used that for 10 years on our GE black glass cooktop.

Here is a link that might be useful: CeramaBryte

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To me it sounds like what you used to clean it and the grease from the burgers caused a light film to be left behind.
I would use a microfiber cloth w/water and wipe it many times to get rid of the grease, then I would dry it with a smooth microfiber cloth.

I bought the ecloths and they work great on my black glass top.

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terriks - patina...that's what I'll tell DH when he notices the damage. lol

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In 20 years and four cooktops, there is only ONE cleaner I found that worked well. I'd have to go look at home to see the name though. It's basically a black and white bottle and I use to have to go to appliance stores to buy it. I tried a lot of stuff off the shelf at the grocery store, and nothing else ever worked as good. BTW - the polish that came with my induction cooktop does not work near as well as that stuff, but Induction is so much easier to clean I rarely need anything stronger than dishwash soap.

My experince has been if you can "feel" then you don't have it all cleaned off.

I only use a dobbie scrub pad and the cleaner. And some times it would take over a half our of working to get every little bit off. I'd run my hand over the surface and any spot I could still feel any roughness, I'd go back over.

I never used a razor blade, was too scared I'd put in a scratch. I'd sometimes go a month before I'd do a good cleanning, and by then I'd have lots and lots of burned on ick and grease built up. And each and every time, I could clean it up so it looked brand new.

A few times I though I may have scrubbed off spots, but what I found is that there was still some burned on what ever in those spots covering up the lighter flecks. Once I got all the dirt off, the specks showed back up.

My stoves have all been of the Whirlpool persuasion, so I don't know if other manufacturers would react differently.

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Thanks for all the replies...I've tried everything that you all have recommended...this is not residue from grease, there is nothing to scrape...I do use appears to be damage to the glass itself. My husband and I restore Classic Cars for a living so we have tons of experience with caring for hard included. It looks like the haze is underneath the black cooktop...hard to explain. I contacted Whirlpool and they said that it was a cosmetic problem and would not be covered under warranty. I contacted the store where we purchased and I'm waiting for a call back.

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I would try posting on the Kitchen and forum and maybe the aplliance forum. The kitchen forum is very active so hopefully you will get some more help. I find it hard to believe that you could damage your cooktop using a recommended cleaning product, especially given your restoration background.

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Could you take and post a picture?

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newhomebuilder...I did take a few pics., but the flash is making the haze marks hard to see, and without the flash you can't see them at all. I'll try again.

skyedog...thanks...I'll post on those forums as well.

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That is very annoying. I feel for you.

We got new kitchen appliances this summer-- all black. The reason I didn't get stainless was because of the scratching issue. In the first week, I noticed a scratch on the stove (not from me-- maybe it was the people who delivered it-- was scratched by the burner grate (dunno what it's called).

Same week, DH scratched the microwave by cleaning it with a paper towel. (We have tons of soft rags that he refuses to use most of the time.)

When I was having a baby, I was worried that people besides me would clean (ha, ha, what was I thinking) and scratch everything more.

I hope they work with you-- the cosmetic issue is important!

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Do you have a setting on your camera that says something like 'take photo in low light without flash'?

anele - For the black plastic, I have heard that motorcycle helmet polish will take scratches out of it.

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I have a Whirlpool smooth-top and it discolored leaving random spots after using it just a few times. My top is gray. I bought the extended warranty and even with that was told it was from my cookware being warped. So they said cosmetic - not covered. I really don't think it was my cookware, I think it was a defect in the smooth-top itself.

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Ok...Sears is sending someone out on Monday...we'll see what they say. It can't be my cookware, because I use them every day on every burner...and now...all of a sudden my cookware ruined my glass cooktop...I don't think so. I am still trying to take pics. (newhomebuilder..I did use lowlight setting and it still looks weird). So frustrating!

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Please let us know as I bought mine at Sears too.

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Yes please do let us know (Sears is delivering my very first glasstop tomorrow).

I'll keep my fingers crossed that they provide a satisfactory resolution for you.

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If the haze is under the surface (or within the glass), and not caused by cleaning, then perhaps you could tell Whirlpool the glass was defective because it could not handle normal cooking. Frying hamburgers and having grease splat is NOT abusing the stove.

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Colorblind, your stovetop should absolutely not do that. I've had mine for over 15 years (Amana) and it still looks perfect.

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Just wanted to give everyone an update...Sears is replacing the glass cooktop..they did confirm that is was defective. Yippee....for once - no hassles!!

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Wow -- lucky you! Go Sears.

I cleaned the inside of my brand new microwave with one of those Scotch Brite pads. I totally scratched it up so that you can barely see into it now. Patina -- I like that.

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Glad to hear that. Yours is a good lesson in not giving up...they wanted you to believe it was not covered. That's why I love these forums so much.

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Good news Colorblind! I'm glad to hear that Sears is doing something about it for you.

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Colorblind, was it actually Sears who came out or one of the service companies they use? Just curious. I am so HAPPY for you that they saw it as defective! Wonderful.

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That's the best possible outcome you could hope for - Sears deserves a thumbs up on that one. I don't remember you mentioning the brand but now I assume it's a Kenmore since Sears is handling the replacement. Or would they do that with any mfg they sell?

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colorblind1961 was actually a Sears rep. that came out
dlm2000...the stove is a Whirlpool
I am soooo happy about this....usually I'm battling forever with whoever, but finally a good outcome.
Thanks so much for your support everyone!!!

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Good to know Sears takes responsibility when there is a defective product.

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