Jam and Cheese on Bread

nancedarAugust 27, 2012

My friend is hosting a charity event. The walk around food he wants it to be includes my jams and bread slices with cheese pairings. Combinations as the guest would eat it at home. I can think of red tomato jam and cheddar cheese on whole wheat, hot pepper jam with cream cheese on challah, fig jam and goat cheese on baguette slice, and then I run out of ideas. No meat or other condiments allowed, no heating, just bread, cheese, jam and chutney. Can you help me with ideas? I make 50 different sweet jams and 6 chutneys so what you name I've probably made. Thank you !


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I make a cranberry/raspberry/ habanero jam that is heaven on a baguette with goat cheese....or Maytag Blue.
Strawberry jam and mascarpone ( is that allowed?) on brioche.

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Swiss with apricot? what about an onion jam?

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Not a jam - but I buy a homemade Cranberry Feta Almond Spread whenever it is available at a market I shop. It is delicious on bread as well as pita crackers. I'll admit here to eating it right out of a spoon. Yum!

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Funny....my lunch today was toasted multi-gran sandwich thins with goat cheese and peach-chipotle jam (bread and cheese left over from our Hunger Games movie night). It was pretty darn good.

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Not sure what your bread options are, but here are some combos of cheese and jam that work...

pear jam and Maytag Blue

mango or peach and Stilton that has mango in it

apple pie jam (or apple butter) with white cheddar

cherry jam with cream cheese or triple brie

I'm sure you'll get more ideas. I would go to a good cheese shop and do some tasting.


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I'm thinking more about what cheeses I like, and what preserves go well with them.

Hot pepper jelly on brie or camembert

I like Seville or red grapefruit marmalade on Dubliner, actually I love bitter marmalade on just about anything

Apricot chutney on boucheron

Savory herb jelly over feta or chevre

Balsamic red pepper jelly over gorgonzola dolce


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One way to look at it is to first choose the cheeses, then match ja,s, and then the proper bread. Break the decision-making into units like that. How many different items do you want to do?

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My Dad's favorite sandwich was Cheddar Cheese with Strawberry Jam. What's not to love!

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