can you freeze baked beans?

rob333August 17, 2013

Mom wants to know. She brought them to our reunion today. She wants have the remainder on labor day. Can it be done?

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Not a problem. I do it all the time. I have one pint just plain without seasoning. (topped it with a leftover rich pale ale beer when DH feel asleep and did not finish)... Might use it in a soup. Another pint is bbq white beans. (not at all sweet, just spicy). Another i added a bit of maple syrup, lime, cilantro, tomato, fetta etc. (greek-ish) and served with a lunch of cucumber and olives. I froze the basic lime/cilantro beans for another dish later...
When i go to the trouble to soak a bag of beans...bring to boil and let sit overnight, and make a few different dishes, it is alot of beans!. So i always freeze some for an easy later dish addition..
Red beans, white beans, black beans...

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Cool! Thanks.

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I agree, I've frozen baked beans in individual servings to rewarm later. They freeze fine.


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Yep, I freeze the leftovers all the time-- no problem.

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