A twist on the white kitchen - not final but in the home stretch!

alabamamommyFebruary 10, 2011

Listen up you wonderful, helpful, creative and generous souls. This woman's spent the past 8 months lurking and learning and dreaming and editing and taking notes, and fretting and so on and so forth. But now I can't take it anymore. Even though the kitchen isn't done... they finally placed my island slab and I can't take it anymore. I have to share.

So are some snaps of our 90% finished kitchen. You won't see the wall with freedom columns without their doors, or the lunch station without it's backsplash, the pot filler, the appliance garage doors, the glass shelves to replace the wood ones currently or even any blasted hardware (shakes fists in the air still). But you'll get the general idea!

Without further ado - my island:

So - lemmie hear your cheers for the final mile...

"Don't lose your mind! Don't lose your mind! Don't lose your mind!"

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I knew there was a reason I stayed up this late.

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Absolutely exquisite. It's elegant with great touches of drama--love the pendants (doesn't even feel right calling them pendants) and arch over window.

Tell me about the backsplash. I'm very interested to know the material and concept for that. Also what color is in your eating area...which has great big windows.

You should pat yourself on the back you've designed and executed an amazingly beautiful space. Keep the update photos coming.

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I love the touches of rich wood with the white cabinets. Stunning, really stunning. Where did you get your inspiration?

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oh yummy!

gosh that's fab... no wonder you've gotta share!

(those windows are amazing, too.)

more, please. (when you're ready, of course) :)

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Where did you get the chandelier hanging out over there in the background?? Brand/source if you care to share? I love it!

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That island is an absolute masterpiece...the 2 colors, the 2 (gorgeously thick) counters. Wow.

It's going to be truly amazing and worth the wait. But the 2 adorable cuties in the foreground are the most breathtaking elements in your kitchen and steal the show. ;-)

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That island is gorgeous. Who made it? and the kids are beautiful too. Excellent snapshot of tenderness between siblings.

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OMG... that is hands down the sinlge most stunning island I have ever ever seen. It's just FABULOUS! I also ADORE your pendants over the island. I mean it... the most creative stunning island ever.

Your babies are precious. They are the "YUMMY" part.

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Now you are committed....we need more photos.

oh yeah

"Don't lose your mind! Don't lose your mind! Don't lose your mind!"

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Really beautiful! Love those lights over the island!!!!

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Beautiful space for you and your beautiful children.

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Gosh... at a loss for words... it's soooooo gorgeous, and absolutely artisitic -- love the way the theme repeats, not just with the island, but all around the room, even with the door and the door frame across the room. I really think the little bit of dark grounds it somehow -- I've not seen it done before like this and it's just utter perfection. Wow.....

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Hope we don't have to wait to much longer for more photo's! It is stunning as it stands, very understandable about your excitement. The island legs are so smooth and shapely ;-). Your girls are sooo sweet! It's a great idea to get photo's of them to benchmark this time in your life.
Yes, please don't LOSE YOUR MIND! But juggling remodel and little ones can put you at the edge of crazy I'm sure. Good luck with the final stretch!!

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UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! One of my favorites already! Love the horizontal wood backsplash. Love the lights! Love it all! Congrats!!!!!

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As a fellow Alabama girl " ya'll done good " !!! The babes do steal the show. Sweet...c

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Love Love Love. How beautiful! You can do it- you're in the home stretch and then it will all be worth it :)

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WOW, this is one of the most interesting and creative kitchens I've seen so far. The island is breathtaking, the lights are unexpected yet perfect and the kids, well simply adorable :)


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Oh my goodness.....just stunning. Can't wait to see the finished space. Your choices are lovely.

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Are you kidding me? That is fabulous! That island is amazing! The pendants are so great. What a great job you are doing and what sweet little girls you have too!

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I am SO glad you shared! Gorgeous! Those lights are great, as is the island, arch, etc. But the most beautiful parts are those darling kiddos, of course.

Please keep sharing as you move on! Hang in there - it's looking beautiful and soon it will be looking DONE!

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I really think that is the prettiest island I've ever seen. Love the walnut butcher block (what is the other material?) and I love the dark wood accents in the cabinets. The backsplash is also very cool. What is it?

And as others have said, gorgeous shot of the girls.

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Your island is incredible! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Those windows are fantastic, and the backsplash is really interesting and so not boring!

But, those babies, Ooooooh! I just want to squeeze them!

Hurry and finish, so we can see the pictures! ;^) :^D

Now, I've grabbed my pom pons--OK, so they are really dust mop heads--and am cheering for you! I'll see if I can still do a jump.

Don't lose your mind!
Don't lose your mind!
Don't lose your mind!

*shelayne, going to the chiropractor because she just threw out her back* ;^)

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I love your windows, your pendants, the glazing on your uppers, and all the other details that make your kitchen so distinctive. That said, those little touches of pink and yellow who charmingly "staged" themselves for your photo really highlight the elegant palette and scale of your room.

More pics, please. Unfinished is fine. I would not have had the discipline to keep such a splendid undertaking a secret.

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Oh what I would give to have a window like that in my kitchen!

I tend to not get very excited about the mixed islands, but I really like the way you tied your butcherblock in with the dark wood throughout. Nice touch that makes it seem thoughtfully designed rather than chopped up. I agree that the pendants above are unexpected and yet great. This should keep you jazzed enough to not only finish the last mile of this kitchen but ready to tackle another room. ;-)

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I love your unique style! The kitchen is entrancing-can't wait to see more. Staying tuned! Thanks for sharing.

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wowza--that kitchen ROCKS!
love those lights, i may have to steal them. perfect to showcase dh's creations; his cooking deserves the spotlights!
please, will you share your sources? also for the stunning island---i cannot wait to see it all finito!

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Gosh. Gor-geee-us!

My monitor isn't that great though, and I couldn't make out the backsplash that well. Can you do a close-up photo, and provide details for it?

So, tell us about those pendants. Please? So Cool.

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amzaing! That island and window are breathtaking!!!

Oh, and don't lose your mind!!!

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Wow, wow and more wow!
The kids are gorgeous and look like models in a magazine with the most pretty backdrop ;)
I love so much about this, but your lights are stunning as are your windows and every other detail.
You can do this and when you do, please post tons of pix!

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Beautiful. Can't wait to see more.
I think you can stop fretting now.

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Very cool lighting. Beautiful kitchen. Darling dumplings!

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It's wonderful! Your children, of course, are the best things in the pics :-). Second is the window and the valance! I love, love them!

The rest of the kitchen is wonderful as well...but I keep going back to the window!

Tell me, are you involved in theater? The pendants remind me of theater lights!

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Please please tell me where you got the pendant lights. I NEED those in my kitchen.

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Lights, camera, action! I think you must be a star KD! Love, love, love everything you've shown us and can't wait to see more! Your babies are so cute! Pour yourself a glass of wine or two (after your babies are asleep tonight) and relax so you don't lose your mind.

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A-mazing! I am going to need a lot more details and photos, though - you can't drop something that awesome and not share!

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Adding to the chant; "don't lose your mind!"

It's always the last bits that seem to drag out the longest but it will all get done and the wait will be worth it--look at how beautiful it looks so far!!!!

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eager to see what knobs/pulls you pick...it is marvelous-see lots of extra "touches" that you spent a lot of thoughts on. It pays off, doesn't it?

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Thank you thank you thank you! Isn't this what makes this forum so amazing? The only audience in the world where people care as much about and appreciate the minutia you've been agonizing over for months (some of you years!)?!?

We've literally pulled this thing together on as tight of a budget as is possible, so I'm happy to share our sourcing! We found this half-finished house about 9 months ago. It was a casualty of the downturn, a builder had to abandon it mid-construction. All of the gas, water and electricity had been roughed in, so, to stay within budget, we had to work within the existing footprint. The man I hired to be my husband 10 years ago has been acting as GC, and has been working with the vendors daily (he's doing a great job, isn't he?)

First, I was so fortunate to run across this photo on kitchens.com, which happened to be the exact same footprint. I really liked the layout, and loved the white kitchen, but I wanted something a little less, I don't know, country? Formal? Not sure, but I needed it to be a little more "us". Whatever - you can see where the bones came from.

There was already a gathering room with walnut exposed beams just off of the kitchen, so we looked for ways to wink back at that room with some contrast in the kitchen. I came across these photos (I can't remember the source) and loved the details.

Here's another - I'm *think this one came from Elle Decor or House Beautiful.

I'd fallen in love with the "Royal Master Sealight" pendants from Restoration Hardware a couple of years ago, and kept going back to them.
They only have the 7" versions left, but if you look around on ebay, you may find them.

The chandelier in the breakfast room is from the Ballard Designs outlet in Roswell, GA. I THINK we paid $70 for it?

The cabinets and island were done by a local custom cabinet maker. I'm pretty sure they ordered the legs from a catalog.

The slab was a very special point for us, hence my excitement. In our current house, which is 30 years old, we have slabs of "Alabama White" in the entry and on a fireplace. It's held up beautifully and we kept comparing anything we saw in slab yards to it. It's notoriously hard to find because the Sylacauga quarry is kind of sporadic. So my husband drove to the quarry and bought enough tile for our bathroom and asked where he could get slabs from. They put us in touch with a distributor who, oddly, didn't have a vendor in our area, so we had to order directly from them. So, what you're seeing is a 2000 lb 6cm slab of Alabama White Statuary. We bought two additional 2cm slabs for the gathering room fireplace, wetbar, and the powder room. We still have one more slab that we haven't identified a use for. The kids were acting up, so I couldn't get the photos I wanted of the island slab, but wow, it's more beautiful than I'd hoped for.

Speaking of that extra slab - at first we were going to try and use it for the backsplash. But for a myriad of reasons (including my husband simply not being able to commit a slab to a wall) we ended up looking at everything else from subways to hexagons.

I hesitated over and over because I know how hard it is to match unless you go through a local vendor... but every local vendors wanted 3x the price of what we were finding online and we just couldn't work it in the budget. I drug my feet and drug my feet until I came across this photo from Tracery Interios. It was what I'd been trying to accomplish all along.

I honestly don't know the difference between board and batten and bead-a-board, but this is some sort of 6-inch locking wood paneling. They were set to paint it our "SW Pearly White" but my mom and I walked in while they just had the primer on it and said "STOOOOPPPPP"! We loved the white-washed feel. The stainless backsplash attached to our range should protect it, but if it becomes a problem long term, we're just going to look for some metal sign art to mount behind the pot filler.

What else - oh - the permiter counters are Caesarstone. But they're only 2cm with mitered edges to 6cm. With the marble island, we wanted something a little more durable than for the perimeters.

And paint colors. The gathering room and the breakfast room are a Valspar color called "Silver Sea" that we had cut 1/2 strength. But it's painted on top of the full strength, so it's our own weird blend. Trim and cabinets are SW Pearly White, but they're different colors because the cabinets were professionally laquered, so we're "figuring out" that now.

Here are some random other photos that we've taken along the way. I can't thank you all enough for your enthusiasm and cheering. I'm going to be back soon for hardware opinions!

A view of the gathering room, the beams were our original contrast inspiration.

Some views of our perimeter counters:

A closer look at the backsplash material:

The "lunch making station" as I'm calling it:

The wetbar, which is on the opposite wall of the fireplace in the gathering room. We wanted this to tie in as well.

And finally - the original kitchen, how we found it:

What did I miss???

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omg! truly stunning! i love it ...all of it! okay. i'm going to go rip out my kitchen and start over! i can't wait to see more.

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Oooohhhh - and one more thing. Thank you for the sweet sweet words about my kiddos. They're the inspiration for everything, and they pretty much ROCK :)

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WOW - you really just hit on all of the perfect inspiration pics and made everything work so beautifully!

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Where did you get the pendants. They are yummy.

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Ha Beuhl - we do both have an entertainment/arts background :)

Cookie - they're Restoration Hardware's Royal Master Sealight Pendants - the 9" versions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Restoration Hardware Royal Master Sealight Pendants

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Wow!! Beautiful. I love it. I love all the truly original creative touches. Those lights are incredible....

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Oh my Lordy! This is ammmaaaazzzzzing! I love the shiplap siding, the window, the island, those pendants, and esp. those babies! That first pic you posted looks like a professional pic for an advertisement or something. I would so frame that and hang it in my kitchen!

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Gorgeous! You did a wonderful job capturing you inspirational picture but included your own stamp on it.

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Great kitchen! As an Alabama gal born, raised and still living not too far from Sylacauga I LOVE the marble! My parents used it for their main level flooring, window sills and MBath 26 years ago. Still looks marvelous!

Adorable children. :)

fyi, you may want to have something in place behind the range for final inspection. It shouldn't pass with the low stainless backsplash and wood background. It's suppose to be "so high" of a non-flammable material above the burners. We put up a temporary piece of SS flashing material (HVAC guys did it for me) since I hadn't selected tile yet.

Look forward to seeing it finished.

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It looks like a kitchen in an old Edwardian mansion! Very, very lovely. I envy you.

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White kitchens don't usually rock my boat, but yours has me careening all over the place! I love how the dark wood trim grounds everything. It's already stunning and you're not even finished... (Applause!)

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Your kitchen is AMAZING... where did you get the butcher block?

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Another 'Bama girl here and I too love the Alabama White. Someone on here was asking about white marble and I don't think you can get any that is any whiter, but it is pricy. I love the kiddos and the beautiful kitchen - it looks like you ahve been to Seaside - lovely classic choices.

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Glorious!! I would have just thrown myself down with joy on that gorgeous island, seriously! I would have stayed in the kitchen staring at it all day, they'd have to drag me out.

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What a masterpiece! Elegant and classic, but not stuffy. A fresh blend of textures that work perfectly together.

You're in the homestretch... hang in there!

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What everyone said - about your beautiful children, your AMAZING kitchen, and the glimpses of your gorgeous home. I *love* every detail.

Can't wait to see it all come together!


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You have put together a truly beautiful and unique space! Enjoy it.

You're almost done!

Don't lose your mind! Don't lose your mind! Don't lose your mind!

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Allison - how beautiful your parent's house must have been! I checked with my husband after seeing your point of concern. In our particular county, the inspectors defer to the manufacturer's recommended distance. Thermador deems their 12" backsplash to be off sufficient protection, so there we are. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

Cangelmd - I did visit Seaside LONG ago, and now that you mention it, I guess the coastal influence has stuck with me all these years ;) Alabama White is just a gorgeous stone, I can't say enough about it. We didn't find it to be terribly expensive though, it's just really hard to find!

Ajard - it's a boo's block, walnut end grain, 48x25. We had the cabinets specially cut to 46 inches wide so there would be an inch overhang on each side and we wouldn't have to special order. I just asked hubsters and he's coming up blank on remembering where we ordered it from, but I'm pretty sure it was whoever had the lowest price + free shipping four months ago!

Thank you everyone. It's so encouraging to hear all of the wonderful feedback. We took some risks with the trim and the backsplash and are still working out some kinks (like raising the butcher block to be even with the marble), but overall we're just thrilled. Now, if we can only figure out the mantle design in the gathering room. Who knew mantles were so stinking hard?

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I am drooling! I absolutely love the island. Would you mind to show the dimensions of your kitchen? Or did I miss them?

Thanks for sharing!

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That's good to hear!

My parents still live in their home, and it is beautiful.

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Just chiming in to say "Wow"!
I absolutely love what you've done-the dark contrasts and the whitewashed backsplash....swooning.
Please keep the photos coming.
Your kids are adorable-she looks like she's a great big sister. Gerber Puffs are pretty special, too....

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Camarodreamer, here are the cabinet plans. It looks like the long wall is 189, and the other wall is roughly 210, but then again, you do not want me playing with your numbers.

Katieob, sounds like know your infant/toddle fare :) Thank you for the sweet sweet words. We're having a blast.

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Absolutely beautiful kitchen ... stylish, modern, and perfectly edited. I can hardly wait to see the finale!

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Hooooooly. Freakin'. Cow. That is tremendously tremendous. Not very articulate, but I'm at a loss for words. When I saw the first pic I figured it was some inspiration shot out of a magazine with those stunning details and beautifully posed girls. How could you have been hiding something like that around here and not be busting to show it off? ;)

Great faucet. You can please share the model?

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What color caesarstone is it, concrete ? pebble ?

Very interesting and beautiful kitchen !!

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Zacsdaddy - I think the "perfectly edited" comment might be the most rewarding complement yet. Thank you!

Awe - thanks Breezygirl for the photo compliments. I actually teach moms how to take pictures of their kids. I don't want to spam at all, but we're a free site... just google "the momtographers" if you know a mommy who could use some photo love.

The faucet is a Brizo Venuto touch. No idea how or if the "touch" portion works yet!

Mitchdesj - I'd have to check again with our installer, but I'm pretty sure it's pebble. (Good call!) After awhile, all of the names sound familiar, and since that was ordered months ago, I wouldn't swear on anything. We chose it because we wanted something to complement our marble rather than try to be marble. I know it isn't concrete, because I kept describing wanting something that looked like concrete but a little more polished, but the "concrete" caesarstone color was actually the wrong undertones.

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thanks for the info, I might pick Raven myself, but will need to look again at
Pebble, yours is amazing. I think Raven is the darkest grey, Pebble is the lightest, Concrete is the medium tone.

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WOW - just wow! Glad I was sitting down when I saw that first picture. Beautiful. Can't wait to see more. The contrast is amazing.

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LOVE IT!! What is the gray stone on your perimeter? Choosing my stone now and going with Vermont Danby - Mountain White- on the island and considering something different for the perimeter.

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Hi Gloria - Danby is very similar to Alabama White - I know you'll love it!

The perimeter counters are Caesarstone Pebble. Wanted something durable for the perimeters since I have no idea how well the AW will hold up (though I'm told our statuaries are as hard as they come - let's cross our fingers!)

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It is perfection. Without a doubt one of my favorite kitchens EVER! Love the juxtaposition of the wood and white on the island. It has the perfect "something" that you see yet can't quite put a finger on. Love love love it.

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Thanks. I was thinking about the same thing with the perimeter for the very same reason! Have 2 young boys and don't want to worry about every surface in the room!

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Your island has taken my breath away and inspired me to new heights in my own remodel. Just wondering, did you ever consider putting a prep sink in the island or did you think it would take away from its beauty.
Can't wait to see more pix!

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I'm coming again to admire your gorgeous kitchen. I even caught DH pouring over them on the iPad one day. He's never done that before!

Can I ask another question? Have you figured out a way to join the wood and the marble? I am fixated on the idea of a wooden top for my island or at least part of it after seeing your kitchen, Carrie Eileen's, and Pirula's. My stone fabricator is against wood of any kind on a counter (of course, because it wouldn't be her stone!), so she won't be of any help on the joining issue for me. Thanks!

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MFabbs - thank you! We did consider it, I think it could have been nice in the chopping block portion, but only for a moment. Honestly it had very little to do with aesthetics... it was a budget/practicality issue. We purchased this house that the builder abandoned and our budget was extraordinarily tight, so we went with the existing rough in. There was no water to the island, and the floor had already been laid. The floor had been without condition for nearly two years, and had they not been teak, we would have had to rip them all out. We just didn't want to take a chance by messing with them!

Breezy - yay! I'll have to ask my husband, as I really don't have an answer. I know they put a shim of sorts under the block to match the height exactly and then fastened it all somehow. I don't believe there is any caulk between the two.. Both pieces are extremely heavy, so I don't think they're going to move much.

We heard the same arguments about the wood, but we're going to give it a go. From what I understand, the end block is pretty durable, and just like anything other natural surface, will develop a patina over time (though I'm still going to use a board for meats, poultry and fish). We ordered it in one of their standard sizes and customized the cabinets to fit the block.

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Oh i love your kitchen! I actually dreamed about it last night lol.. my DH thinks i've gone off the deep end and i have.
we had a flood a few weeks ago. The downstairs is now gutted and we are living in the mudroom! I've wanted to do the kitchen for awhile but always got scared off and never really envisioned anything. BUT .. now im completely inspired by your kitchen.
I've been researching and getting ideas but while most have had months to plan for this, it's spontaneous for me. :oP
All i know is it's gonna be white.
what are the dimensions of your island?

your island legs? too gorgeous and i can find nothing with that fat, subtle curvy look! do you know the catalog/company name?
and a stain color if you remember?
thanks! And LOVE IT ALL!!!!

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Thanks for the info. I'd love it if you could ask your DH about the seam. The problem with me putting a wood top on my island is that it's a big island. I wouldn't be able to use end grain like you did on my whole island. AND I have a prep sink there too. Water and wood don't mix, but I think the wood could be protected.

Where did you get the block? Sorry if I missed that in one of your earlier posts.

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Celineike - I'm so sorry to hear about your flood! How devastating. I suppose if there has to be a silver lining, this is as good as any, no? I honestly don't remember how long our island is, but it is 48" wide. Maybe 11 feet long? I'll be happy to measure it for you next time I get by (we live quite a bit away from our new home).

Our cabinet maker ordered our legs... i saw the stamp, but cannot remember! I'm so sorry. It was a cajun name if that helps at all. If I have a chance to ask our cabinetmaker, I will. They are 8" wide.

The stain is just Minwax Dark Walnut.

Breezy - I got the details. They didn't do any sort of joining at all, they just butted the slab and the block against each other and affixed them to their respective lower cabinets. I'm going to make an assumption that those lower cabinets are somehow attached to each other.

I'm sorry there have been too many other decisions since we ordered the boos block in the fall, so we don't remember where we ordered it from, but it's a American Black Walnut End Grain 4" deep 48"x27". I'm certain it came from whoever had the lowest price + free shipping :)

Just a note - we had to have the island cabinets speced to 46" wide and 26 deep so there would be an room for an inch overhand on all three sides of the block. We ended up having to cut the marble slightly wider because of those darn 8" legs, so the marble extends a touch beyond the block on either side, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to fit counter stools on the end.

I can't wait to see pictures of your progress!!

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Beautiful kitchen, and full of original decisions and choices. You really did your homework and assembled many different details so you knew exactly what you wanted. But you were still open to serendipity, such as when your mother stopped the painters after the primer. It is thrilling to see how you took that big empty space and made it into a gorgeous and truly unique kitchen. Enjoy!

    Bookmark   March 20, 2011 at 8:42AM
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Wow your kitchen is just to die for!!!! Amazingly beautiful and love the oversized scale. Gorgeous, hope to see more

    Bookmark   April 2, 2011 at 10:55AM
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I am ga-ga over your kitchen. I can only hope my design comes together as nicely.

    Bookmark   April 3, 2011 at 12:22AM
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Who makes that great window?! Did I miss that tidbit? This is what we're looking for also!

    Bookmark   April 8, 2011 at 2:24AM
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Love Roma... I'm so sorry, I don't know. When we purchased the house, the windows were already in and there are no identifying markers. If I find out, I will let you know!

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Thanks to you Alabamamommy....I've redesigned my island to include some SEXY legs! You're awesome!

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As my best friend from Savannah used to say, "DIVINE!" Your kitchen is heavenly, such a scrumptious mix of materials and creative elements. You should be a kitchen designer! Your layout looks great, too, and I love how your kitchen opens up to the family room. Your kitchen is one of the most gorgeous ever I've seen, and you're really kind to share photos and sources.

Oh, and your two daughters are too cute for words!

Congrats on your project, and **please** keep the photos coming!!

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Boylanite - can't wait to see those legs!

jmcgowan... wow, thank you. Let's wait and see how it works after we move in and use it - I'm almost certain no one want me designing their kitchen!

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I so missed this post due to being off in babyland! Is there an updated thread? LOVE THIS!

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"I so missed this post due to being off in babyland!"

Me too, LOL!

Where are the pix of the final kitchen???

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You mean I have to post finished pictures??? :) With or without the highchairs, formula containers on the counter, massive spread of drying out bottles and my 5-year-old's art display?

Just kidding... sorta.

I'm thrilled with how it turned out, but we moved in while I was 6 months pregnant, and with a 3-month-old, I don't know that I've ever gotten it to picture taking condition. Still futzing around with decorative elements and what should or shouldn't go in the glass cabs :)

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