Cabinet Size for 36" Shaw Apron Sink

quiltgirlFebruary 28, 2013

Can the 36" Shaw Apron Front Sink sit in a 36" cabinet or does it need to be bigger?

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Ask what your cabinet maker recommends. It depends on how they plan to support it and scribe the sink front.

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Generally Belfast sinks are installed with a margin of sink base cabinet faceframe remaining exposed up along the sides of the bowl. Something on the order of a 39" base would accomplish this given that the outside dimension of the sink is 36".

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Mine is in a 36" sink base but from what I understand from one of the KDs here (can't remember which one), it should have been in a larger base.

Although it works, if the sink ever had to be changed it would be a bear compared to the scenario of it having a larger sink base.

Put it in a larger sink base...just to be safe.

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Terrible picture, taken with my ipad but you get the idea.

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I cannot go 39" base so will have to re think this sink once again. And just when I had struggled through the decision process and decided on the 36" Shaw. . . . .darn!

Red lover, I think your sink looks fine in a 36" cabinet. Do you feel it is a problem for any other reason other than replacement? Perhaps I could leave a 1/2" of frame on each side.

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Okay, I am going with the 36" Shaw Original Farmhouse Sink and putting it into a 36" cabinet like the one in this picture. I like the looks of it "sitting on a board" rather than scribed into the cabinet face. Will have skirt underneath rather than doors. (I think.)

Traditional Kitchen design by Boston Kitchen And Bath Dalia Kitchen Design

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Quilt girl--that's really beautiful.

No, my setup works fine even if you wanted to go the scribed route. But, I guess I became concerned a few weeks ago when I read on here that the granite/countertop would have to be removed to change out the sink if the sink ever needed to be replaced. But, with a larger sink base that was not the case. The sink could be easily replaced from underneath without removing the countertop.

Too late for my kitchen, but thought I might save you a little trouble by mentioning it. Hopefully, the sink in my kitchen will last forever.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

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