Older men and sex

katreneOctober 7, 2006

As a man gets older, he requires more stimulation.

You can either rise to the challenge or become bitter and even less stimulating. If he loves you and doesn't want to hurt you, he will look at porn to preserve his manhood and not have an affair or, he may decide to quietly die inside for you.

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Well, that certainly has me looking forward to the golden years with my husband.

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What the heck does that mean???
And what is older....
We are older...he is 50...
You can't just post a staement like that and say nothing else!!
Karen L

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Katrene? Without hearing more of what you have to say, it's hard for me to respond.

I don't think your comments apply across the board to every "older" man.

Is this happening to the man in your life?

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I have to agree, that this is definitely an individual thing. We're older, and I find that because we know our own bodies and each others better, it actually takes LESS stimulation, because we're more skilled?--LOL!

If you and your guy are having a problem, please, I urge you to talk to your dr. It might be that there's a medical problem that needs to be addressed.

Or it might be that the problem is a side effect of a medication--maybe your dr. can switch to one that has less of a detrimental effect, or maybe he (dr.) can make some good suggestions for coping. But please, don't accept that a lack of interest, or a need for more lengthy stimulation is necessarily a 'normal' thing, until you've looked into the possible medical causes and the helps that are out there. Good luck.

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Katrene, I'm afraid that unless you are very popular and live in a senior citizen community you couldn't possibly be much of an expert with more than one older guy. My own guess is that you aren't over 50 anyhow. So I suggest you may want to consider that Azzalea's suggestions are worth considering.
Its also possible he is getting stimulated before he comes home and is simply tired. I would check his cell phone bills for a frequently called number unless your older guy is 90.
My Mom was dating in her eighties, and I asked her if they just held hands and she said "well to start with..." So that urge apparently doesn't die easily.

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wow getting older now sounds better! bring on the stimulation the porn and a young thing for my affair. where do i sign up. do i get a discount with my aarp card?

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"....do i get a discount.....?"

No. Discounts reserved for those with functioning brains.

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porn,stimulation, and a affair, you expect my brain to function? hahaha

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bill, we expect your brain to function as well as the rest of you (if not better)
Maybe you can give katrene some advice from the male viewpoint, altho we haven't heard from her lately.

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What is this all based on?
What is older?
What the heck?

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Yes, and the OP disappeared. Maybe she did start checking on why her dearly beloved was losing interest instead of just deciding it was old age. It takes so much time following people and checking their cell phone bills.

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My partner is 15 years older than I; he's in his 50's and I am in my 30's. He is, let's just say, very satisfying. Sometimes I need the break!

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That sure hasn't been my experience- thank Goodness he plays golf twice a week, I need a rest.

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