Hardwood Floors in Master Bedroom

dkfinorJanuary 13, 2008

Please post pictures of your Master Bedroom if you have hardwood floor in it. I'm not sure in our new home if we are going to place floor down or wall-to-wall carpeting ... TIA!

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Don't have a pic handy but we ripped up carpeting and put down all hardwood and I love it! Will never have carpeting again if I can help it. Easy care, was concerned about it being cold and having an echo. Neither happened. We used a premium sound-proof padding with extra cush (it's blue foam, not the crushed fiber type) and that did wonders for warmth/sound.

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I don't have pix, but our entire 1918 house is hardwood except for the area right inside our back door which is now marmoleum. All bedrooms have area rugs on top of the wood. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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We don't have hardwood floors in our MB yet, but I don't believe having carpet in any bedroom is a good idea. Between the dust/allergens that get trapped in the fabric, and the chemicals inherent in the carpet (and used to clean them) I will always choose a hard surface in a room in which a person does nothing but breathe for hours on end.

Good luck with your decision!

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I don't care for carpet in any room just because I don't think you can ever get it as clean as you can a hard surface. I love area rugs for softness, but those that are machine washable. I think you'll be happier and have a much better investment with the hardwood. Keep us posted and don't forget the photo's.

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Hardwood, baby :) Actually, we put down strandwoven bamboo. If I'd had the money I would have gotten reclaimed white oak.

It's gotten to the point where carpet kind of grosses me out--ever since we pulled up the carpet the PO had left us. We're working our way through the house pulling it up, bit by bit. You cannot imagine the dirt that works its way through the various layers all the way down to the subfloor.

So it's nice and clean to have hardwood, and then you have the fun of buying rugs :)

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I feel the same about carpet - grosses me out! I love nothing better than I smooth, clean wood floor . . . and I have then in every room but kitchen, baths and laundry. I'll never go back to carpet, but I love to buy rugs!

In the middle of breaking out new bedding, so I'll post a pic in a day or two . . .

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We have laminate wood in our new home........my DH is allergic to carpet so we didn't do carpet at all anywhere.
Very easy to clean. Will post a link if you wanna peek.......Bonnie

Here is a link that might be useful: Floor in bedroom

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We installed hardwood last year in three adjoining rooms. Our master BR is not one of them. We need to replace the carpet and I want hardwood but DH does not. A few misc. observations:

Carpet is like used kleenexes!

Carpet prices have seen a big jump due to oil prices. Over the not-so-long-run, wood is a better value (if you can afford today).

Every time I sweep the hardwood and gather up the dust bunnies, I think how this stuff used to accumulate in the carpet.

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We have HW in almost every room except BR#2, stairs and upstairs hall. Our house was new construction. All done the day after closing. We saved a lot of $$ by not having the builder put in our floors.

We have 2 cats and 2 birds that can make quite a mess. HW is so easy for clean up.

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Alice Johannen

Ours is not hardwood but it plays one on TV. LOL Actually, it's Konecto (a vinyl product - because we're right on a concrete slab) and I love how it's transformed our bedroom. We still need to do some decorating (started a thread on that) but since you requested pics, here you go!

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We have oak hardwood floors throughout our entire home except for the baths and kitchen....even the closet floors have hardwood. Before we moved into our home (June 2006) our entire family suffered from allergies. Allergist told us to get rid of all the carpeting. When we moved, we ripped out all the carpeting throughout the house and replaced with hardwood. There was soooo much dust and dirt under the carpet padding, it wasn't even funny. Previous owners had two cats and some of the urine also soaked through to the subflooring we had to replace it.

Masterbedroom Before

And After

Sorry for dark photos!

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Sorry I don't have a picture either but we ripped out our carpet in our MB last year and put hardwood down. I love it! It's so much easier to keep clean and I wonder what was hiding in the carpet.

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Here is our new master - Don't have curtains or anything up yet. Still trying to unpack and do other things first.

Click on the pic and there are a few more at different angles. Floor is Pecan.

Here is our old house also with hardwoods (Oak).

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Alicepalace -- so would you do that vinyl flooring throughout your whole house?

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mq, I do declare that is the grossest analogy I've heard in a long time. I MUST get the family room carpet up ASAP.

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We have hardwoods in our MBR. Ripped up the 5 year old carpet and was it gross and we didn't even have an pet accidents on it. It was dusty and dirty and just gross.

I love our hardwoods...they are prefinished natural oak. We also ripped up the carpet in the den, hall, stairs and closet. The only rooms left in carpet are the guest bedrooms.

I'll never again have w2w carpet.

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Boy, if you're building and have the choice, do the hardwood! We have an old house with hardwood throughout including the kitchen but the master is an addition and is carpeted. It's not someone else's gross carpet, we installed it, but still........ I'd far prefer to have wood floor there, too.

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I like hardwood floors a lot, but carpet can be nice, too. We have carpet in our living room and bedrooms and it is soft, warm, and comfortable underfoot. I think it looks nice. We have no pets and I vacuum it often and steam clean it once a year.

We have faux hardwood (vinyl planks) in our eating area, kitchen, and laundry room. We have tile in our entry and bathrooms.

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We have carpet in our bedroom, but we are riping it out this summer and installing hardwood in the den and bedroom. Our carpet is ten years old, still looks good, but I know that it is gross with all the stuff under it. Plus, hardwood is much less work.

You will not regret having hardwood floors.

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We just ripped all the carpet out of our house a couple of months ago and installed laminate wood. Bedrooms, hall and family room are all lamintate now and we love it. Only reason we went with laminate instead of hardwood is bacause of a 50lb dog that's inside a lot. We were worried about him scratching the hardwood. We'll never have carpet again!

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hardwood all the way-- we have oak throughout the house except where there is tile and it is sooo clean.

i'd never go back to carpet because i can breathe so much better with hardwood, plus i love the warm look of it.

i mixed the stain color so it would replicate old oak floors (my floors are old, but after refinishing them they were back to the bare white oak).

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We tore up the wall-to-wall carpet in our 1st floor Master too when we replaced the flooring on the rest of the lower level. We haven't regretted the decision for a moment. Like others, just the experience of pulling up old carpet and seeing all the "stuff" trapped in it was enough to convince us.

If you like the cozy, soft warmth of carpet - budget for some area rugs. They give the same feel, are easy to change out (if you decide to redecorate!), and are a breeze to clean.

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We have hardwood in living and dining area and mudroom. Brick floors in kitchen, foyer, and guest bathrooms. Contemplated hardwood in bedrooms, but found the best, neutral "frieze" (sp?) carpet for our bedrooms that goes well with our bedroom furniture and accessories. It's just my husband and me - no pets, no kids - just lots of family and company visiting from time to time. Works for us, and I love the way carpet feels on my feet when I get up in the mornings.

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We have white oak floors in our MB, which is part of a two-story addition. I absolutely love them. About once every two or three weeks (I know, I know, not often enough) I have to get down there and clean the dust bunnies out. It's a pain, but my floors wind up sparkling clean. With carpet, who knows how much dust and grime would have accumulated under there, and everywhere else in the room, as a matter of fact. I have seen many pictures in the high-end decorating magazines of master bedrooms done with wall-to-wall carpet, often lately a textured berber type, and it can look so wonderful, but I still prefer my wood floors. Since the dimensions of our room are fairly sizeable (approx. 17 by 20 ft) I am considering having a wool jute area rug custom made, and I will have it professionally cleaned every once in a while. With car pet all over you can never really get the floor as clean as you like.

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Count me in for hardwood that isn't really hardwood in the MB. We have laminate and even DH who was dead set against it loves it. We have a two small rugs for getting out of bed and putting shoes on, on either side of the bed and one at the foot for the dog to use so he doesn't slip if he jumps off the bed.

After seeing what comes up off the floor daily I would NEVER buy another carpet. I now think carpets are disgusting.

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I know this thread is old, but another thread had a link to it, so I thought I would give my 2 cents worth!

HARDWOOD is a winner in our house. We have all hardwood, except in the baths and laundry room, where they are tile. We have one very large bonus room over the garage that has carpet.

I'll have to take a photo of the Master bedroom. Funny, we placed the rugs (and the bench) for our dog, too! :)

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Here is the photo I promised!

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Just looking at the pictures again since I am now ready to install hardwood floors in my home office and just must decide between what type (Engineered or Vinyl or Laminate with no vocs) and which species of wood and which stain. Next year I want to do my bedroom but my budget will only let me do my home office part now. I Love all these pictures so much and I can see I would be happy with any of these floors. Thank you.

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New Home builder,what wood species and what finish/color is your gorgeous floor!

lyfia, I am in love also with your Pecan floor!

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newhomebuilder - You've used such pretty paint colors in your house. I don't remember seeing this room before. What color did you use in there?


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Lyfia, What make is your Pecan Floors? Do you know if they have an engineered version. I love how it has both light and dark colors and makes the room airy and bright but rich looking.

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Newhomebuilder - info on your carpet in bedroom please...it is BEAUTUFUL!!!!!!!!!

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Newhomebuilder, I would also love to know more information on your carpet.

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Your home is an inspiration to me, I would love to know the paint color in your master, it is gorgeous as is your entire home!

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