Happiness is...

silverswordOctober 2, 2008

I'm happy right now. Sure, things are stressful and have been better in many ways, but my relationship with my DH is going great. I just thought I'd share some nice thoughts that swam through my head.... and I'd love to hear about your happiness too!

Happiness is...

Coming home and finding the dishes done. Him getting gouda cheese at the store special even though he doesn't eat cheese because he remembered me saying "gouda's good-a". Getting a text that says "I love you" in the middle of the day for no reason. Listening to him help my daughter with her math homework every day because he wants to and he knows I get frustrated, not because I ask him to do it.

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It is nice to hear such postive feelings and thoughts.

All those small things add up to a lot of thoughtfulness for each other :0)

Thanks for sharing the good vibes!


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I watched a science show last night where they had the topic of what makes us feel happy.

Two things that stood out to me - meditation and being altruistic.

Doing things for others will makes us happy. More along the line of helping people less fortunate than ourselves.

And daily meditation.

I think recognising when you are happy is quite a achievement, as well.


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Great topic, Silversword!

Happiness is......
-debating any topic under the sun
-sitting in silence and listening to the rain.
-morning coffee
-the kiss I get while I'm sleeping before DH leaves for work
-arriving to work and finding a love note on your desk.
-his smile when I bring home a new computer program for him to play with.
-going to sleep next to my best friend

Awwww.....I'm feeling all mushy now!

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Happiness is...looking around at other couples and some postings on this forum and realizing that my messy marriage is not as bad as their messy marriages. So, as my mom used to say, "Be happy, it could always be worse".

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Very true Scarlett! It's scary to hear how many things just aren't going right in other people's lives. Really reminds me "not to sweat the small stuff".

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Coming home from work really tired and smelling something delicious cooking. Flowers fresh from the garden in a small vase on my desk.....

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Being accepted for what you are, even though you're way less than perfect.

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I just had a great laugh out loud! I read Popi's post and when I got to the 4th on her list, I thought it said....

" And daily medication"

Happiness is definitely finding humor in the little things in life!

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That's too funny Caliloo! I completely agree.

I have one more: Having a large list of things to do, and then crossing off many at one time!

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Something I haven't felt for a while.

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Oh cheerful!!! This makes me so sad every time I hear you. Is nothing better at home?

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Not at the moment.

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Is there something, anything you can think of that would make it better? Is there something you want to talk about?

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I need my husband to see my side of things sometimes. I'm no angel, and I've made many mistakes, but I refuse to believe I'm the sole cause of all the problems. He's very black and white (very little gray areas). I try to focus on the argument at hand, while he brings up the past (because he says the past is the basis of my current behavior).

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Well, the past probably is the basis for your behavior. I know my past is the basis of my behavior. I'd imagine this is a pretty common thing.

Have you tried acknowledging that behavior (that he keeps bringing up)?

I don't know what you're arguing about, but...
"why do you keep nagging, it's making me crazy, you know I was just out getting groceries, why do you treat me like I'm not being honest... this is because you had this experience in the past and you're taking it out on me"

"You're right. I have been lied to in the past and it makes it really hard for me to accept things at face value. I'm working on that. Could you help remind me when I'm over analyzing and remind me that this is our relationship and what happened in the past isn't happening now?"

Acknowledgment often takes away the power disparity (him accusing, you defensive) and allows for a re-shifting of stance. I don't know if this has anything to do with your situation. So disregard if I'm completely off base.

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Something that comes from within. Counting on someone else
for your happiness is a sure sign of codependency. To find
true happiness one must do much inner work. Have any of you
read "A New Earth" from Eckarte Tolle? There are many books
out there to help find true happiness. Happiness is a choice no matter what is happening in your life.

Choose to be Happy :)

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