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mgecaDecember 6, 2006

I found the names of some scooter magazines but haven't found any to buy around here.

Anybody read/subscribe to one of these? Any recommendations to the rest of us? Thanks - Mike

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Not really into Bike rags...I'm not interested in 'show bikes'...just not for me, I reckon...LOL
I receive the AMCA mag on a regular basis...and since I ride a '40 Flathead, it's a useful magazine for me in terms of tech tips, etc.

You could do a search online for bike mags...I'm sure you'll come up with a ton of them.
Good luck.........

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You're right, there are quite a few scooter mags. I'd like to read a couple, see what I might subscribe to, but none to be found in my burg.

Looking for safe riding ideas, tech tips, shared experiences--easy going with some good pix.

So I got names, maybe I'll have to just buy a bunch to find what works for me--unless anyone has recommendations to save some money and time?


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My favorite motorcycle magazines are:

Road Runner: Motorcycle Cruising & Touring, which emphasizes articles on trips and covers scooters as well as motorcycles.

Rider Magazine, also quite a bit on touring.

Motorcycle Consumer News, no advertisements, independent product reviews, articles on riding safety.

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Here's the search site for Scooter World Magazine

Here is a link that might be useful: Scooters

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My husband subscribed to the Cushman Motor Scooter - Cushman Club of America. It was mainly about Cushman's. Hey Cushmanrider what state are you in? My husband has passed away, but you might have met him. We went to several national meets and all of the Kansas meets for years. He loved those scooters and he had one of the best Vangards in Kansas.

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