Disposable Scooter

mgecaNovember 9, 2006

I posted some questions around trying to find the right scooter. I haven't ridden in 30 years and am a little afraid of a big scooter. My wife said she isn't much interested in 2 up and pointed out my truck is falling apart.

I finally thought a KYMCO Peoples S200 might make a nice enough ride at a nice enough price. Now I have a new thought. I've seen a GS motorworks Big Chief Riptide, 150 cc for under a grand. For that money it is like a BIC--use it and get rid of it. Yeah, it is Chinese, "some assembly required" but I figure it will get me on a scooter and help me decide if it is right for me, get me around town, and leave me money for my truck.

Anyone know about this scoot, what do you think about my disposable scooter approach? I know the Chinese scoots are questionable and I know how the 100 mph SilverWing drivers feel about slow. I think it is this approach or walk. Any dealings with gs motorworks or their scoots?


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I only know of one guy who bought a Chinese "disposable" scooter and it was not very nicely finished. But it ran fine.

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The Chineese scooter may or may not be ok in the handling department. There are a lot of technical details to make the front end work right. The steering geometry is critical. If the scooter manufacturer is not paying attention to this detail, then often you get a lousy handling machine with a front wheel that washes out easily dumping the machine and your face into the pavement.

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"you get a lousy handling machine with a front wheel that washes out easily dumping the machine and your face into the pavement"

That's exactly what happened to me, leaving me some life-long scars on my left leg and left forearm, when I made a sharp cornering. Straing line was OK on that bike but the handling/cornering was a whole different thing. I was on a Chinese made small bike, just riding in the empty industrial parking lot for the first time for practice. That was the end - disposed it.

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That's awful--doesn't say much for the scooters. As I understand it, the front end is what requires the "some assembly," and on-line instructions say it is critical to get it right. So I guess that is the weak link. Time to dispose of my idea I guess.

Thanks-keep shiny side up.

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