Getting Ready For Winter?

over_n_underNovember 2, 2006

I live in Minnesota and went out riding on Sunday. The air temp was 52 degrees. I think it is getting to be time to put it away for the season. Anyone else still holding out for a warm day or two (that lives in the cold like I do)?

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I live in Michigan and usually have my bike put away by November 1st. I went on a short ride this past Sunday, as well.

I'm probably going to winterize my bike this weekend.

That should be a sign for all of you that 80 degree temps are on the way.

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I moved back to SW Florida about a year ago, so I ride all year...please don't hate me...LOL

However....I lived for a few years in SE PA...I still rode in the winter...the cut-off temp for me was around 37 or so....I just layered, beginning with silk long johns, for warmth.
Of course...even if it was warmer, I never rode after a's way too risky...ya never know what road conditions lie around the bend, so-to-speak.
It only takes one small patch of asphalt that hasn't been exposed to sun to create a catastrophe.

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Wet autumn leaves in a corner are treacherous, too.

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Oh yeah...I forgot all about the leaves!

Our big riding day when we lived up North was New Year's became a tradition for us...wouldn't go far in the freezing cold, tho...LOL

Y'all ride safe...........

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When we lived in NH we always had our traditional Christmas Day Ride, even if it was just down to the next driveway. Now we live in FL and have the please of riding all year. I'm still wearing shorts and sandals LOL I just hate the thought of putting on "winter clothes".

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I see that your post is from last year. I rode my TGB 50cc all last winter here in MN with no problems. At least within Minneapolis, there is so much salt on the streets that they are dry all winter.

I just recommend a really good down jacket. The Sub Zero or Absolute Zero are both good options. A balaclava is good and nice thick boots and socks are good too.

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