Turkey Run

ampriceOctober 18, 2008

For all of you "don't care how cold it is" riders. We do a ride the Friday after Thanksgiving. We leave from Lyons Tap in Clinton Ia at 10am and do a tri state tour - Iowa, Wisc and Il. Last year we had well over 100 bikes because of the warm weather, the year before only about 40 because it was in the high 20's. If memory serves the entire trip is about 150 miles. We stop about every 30-40 miles, Bellevue IA, Dubuque, IA. New Diggins WI, Savanna IL are just a few of the stops.

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Gee, sure DO wish I lived closer to y'all! I'm down in VA - I think the last 'organized' ride round these parts is in December, Toys for Tots drive. But it's a very short (too short) ride!

For me, if ya got the gear for it, it's NEVER too cold to ride!!!! lol! And I got the gear! ;)

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It seems every year after this ride I buy a little more gear. Last year I had my husband install heated grips and boy do I love those. Even when it is just chilly they help keep my hands from stiffening up. We love when people from far away show - 3 years ago we had someone that read about the ride in one of the magazines come from Sherrelville, Indiana. We nicknamed him Indiana Jones and we still see him a couple times a year.

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