Tilling a new bed.

lkz5iaSeptember 20, 2006

So my tiller gave out on me. It'll take wintertime to pull it part and repair the pieces. I was wondering if anyone uses their dirtbike to till up new garden beds. Yesterday, I tore the lawn up pretty good with the bike, but it slips too much. I was wondering if anyone has good results with putting studded tires on their dirtbike for better traction in tearing up the ground. Any advice would be appreciated.

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That's a really excellent idea. I figured out that I can easily use my dirt bike to refresh the patterns in my Zen gravel garden, but I never thought about being able to till with it too! Thanks!!!

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Can we talk about Segways in this forum? I had the idea of getting a Segway to till the garden, but I heard that there is a defect in it that makes it throw the rider off backward.

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segways won't work. They are worthless. Not only would they be horrible to ride on pavement, they couldn't spin a blade of grass off the garden you want to create.

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I've been waiting for the spare parts to start coming available though so I can try out my idea for a DirtSeg. Maybe I'll attach tiller tines to the side like a sidecar.

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I probably shouldn't brag about all of my most creative ideas on the web, but this post has really inspired me. I thought about connecting a light weight treadmill onto a scooter or segway. Then I would calibrate it so that the treadmill would go exactly the same speed as the bike at all times. It would be an excellent way to get your exercise in as you are being transported across town.

Do you think I could get a patent? I've never seen anything like it before, have you?

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I'm not sure. I thought the whole point of a treadmill was so you can walk while you watch your favorite tv show.

But anyways, to my original post. I have ordered the studded tires. They should be coming in by next week, but it might be too wet or raining by then. I keep this forum updated how it works. I'm thinking that people won't even have to buy tillers anymore. Also, if one has a DOT approved dirtbike like me, they could also go do errands and go to their job on it. Its quite fun thinking of all the magical possibilities I can have with my bike. My family thinks I'm crazy trying all these ideas, but they back off once they find out most of my plans and ideas actually Work!

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Wow! Your family sounds exactly like mine. Except I havent had a chance to try out most of my ideas yet. The only way I found out about the Zen gardening thing is when I tried to make homemade breaks for my dirtbike and I wound up in the Zen garden by accident. But I didn't mind all of the scrapes and bruises when I realized what interesting patterns it could make. Raking a Zen garden is SOOOO tedious!

Please let us know how the new tires work out for tilling!

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lkz5ia, did you get your new tires?
Hows the new garden bed coming?

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Hello hoe, sorry I didn't get back sooner. I have since done two plots with the bike. 20x20 and a 15x 25 plot. The problem was the soil moisture. If the ground is too moist or too dry, it doesn't work so well. Medium moisture grips the ground without sliding. The studs have helped gripped the ground, while throwing the dirt. Feel free to ask more questions.

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