WHY?! - voltage regulator question.

pharkusSeptember 24, 2008

This is actually an ATV question, about a 1996 Bearcat 454 ATV - but this is a suitable place to ask, I believe, since I've discovered via my google searching that about a trillion motorcycles use the same voltage regulator.

I am an electronics nerd - NOT a motorhead. I don't know a darn thing about engines but I can usually fix or re-engineer just about anything with wires. Accordingly, I am extremely frustrated by the lack of useful information about motorcycle/ATV electronic parts. Everything is treated as a "magic box". Wiring diagrams and service manuals all seem to say, basically, "There's a 5-pin plug, which goes into the regulator. Don't ask what the 5 pins do, because you'll just screw something up anyway."

I want - and, in fact, demand - to know WTF these 5 wires do, especially since they're ALL THE SAME FREAKIN' COLOR.

The regulator bears the following markings:

RS41 33E0

20 6C26

Googling "RS41 regulator" gave me some interesting information but nothing technical.

What wire is what, and what, exactly, would a salvaged/replaced/re-engineered/frankensteined regulator need to do with them?

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Interesting that they are all the same color. My guess would be it's a regulator/rectifier. The stators in most 12v systems put out between 15-18 volts. The rectifier changes the AC to DC and the regulator converts to 12 volts. ( sorry if you knew all this already ) The stator has coils for both lighting and ignition. The regulator will send voltage to the battery for charging and to the harness for everything else. MOST lighting wires are yellow and ignition...black or red. Being that they are the same color, makes me think that they use the same coils for both, and all the regulating is done at the R/R. Do you have the wiring diagram??

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