Helmet and Hearing?

mgecaSeptember 20, 2006

Hi. I don't know if anyone can answer this from experience, but maybe there are some thoughts to share. I wear two hearing aids and am nearly deaf without them. If something gets too close to them, like a hat brim or my hand within an inch or so, I get annoying feedback.

I guess there is a lot of wind noise inside a helmet? That might be OK if not real loud. But I am concerned that the helmet will cause feedback and make wearing intolerable. I can't imagine adding deaf to the other hazards out there, won't think of riding without a helmet.

Anyone else have this problem and found a solution? Any suggestions on helmets with visors that don't get too close to the ear?

Thanks for your "feedback."


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I can not think of anything to help off the top of my head but have found that earplugs block the wind noise without making it harder to hear regular road sounds. It does sound like the helmet itself will cause at least some feedback, a helmet that is not covering your ears gives you the same protection as no helmet at all in most types of falls.

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I have a couple of friends that are profoundly deaf and ride just fine. The key seems to be increased visual awareness and really good rear view mirrors.

I'm a big fan of earplugs myself to protect what hearing I have left. Perhaps the people who make your hearing aids could offer some suggestions?

Full face helmets will offer you much less wind noise as well as better protection.

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One hearing aid dispenser advised new hearing aids that don't have feedback. Two hearing aids = 1 Reflex. Increased visual awareness, good mirrors and luck seem to be my options. But I'm still chasing the question down.

Thanks - Mike

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