Dom/Sub realtionships..How do they..

simplecountrylady72October 14, 2006

Work for you? and How?


Do they not work for you? and Why not?


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Not for me. Not for us.

Being dominant doesn't mean being right all the time. Sound family, financial, or other decisions are more likely when partners are equal. No one is best at everything. One may see an opportunity or mistake in the making that the other had missed.

Also...if the dominant partner ever needs help, the submissive one will have neither the skill nor emotional strength to provide it.



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I thought she meant sex...?

No comment either way...

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I thought maybe you were asking about a dorm or subleasing living arrangement for a couple - LOL. I just couldn't figure what you were talking about. I had no idea until daf punk answered!!! And like sweeby, I have no comment. Some things are better left in the bedroom ;-)

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Make a left turn by the handcuffs and chains department. We have enough problems here just figuring out the simple stuff.

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Also...if the dominant partner ever needs help, the submissive one will have neither the skill nor emotional strength to provide it.
i highly disagree with this statement, marco. being submissive does not, in any way, shape or form, mean that the submissive is weak or incapable of emotional strength. a submissive, in the content of a true d/s relationship, empowers the dominant. in exchange for obedience (defined by the parties) of a submissive, a dominant takes care of and the dominate's goal is to work towards the pleasure of both partners, thereby being empowered by the submissive. a dominant takes that control based on the limits set by the submissive. the submissive is a whole person, emotionally stable and certainly has the ability to make decisions. a submissive craves the desire to please a dominate and the dominate feels the need to "be in charge", yet neither party can can fulfill these parts of themselves without the other.

a true d/s relationship is something that should be treasured, respected and enjoyed by both parties and not be confused with the sicko/whack-jobs out there that make headlines in the news.

i believe this is the context in which simplecountrylady first posed the question. a dom/sub relationship, although there is bdsm involved, each portion is separate unto itself and gets worked into a d/s relationship if that is what works for the parties. it's not all about handcuffs, chains or the bedroom, it's a lifestyle and a relationship.

just offering up my opinion based on my knowledge of the subject.

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I have friends in a d/s relationship. It seems to me that -she-, the sub has the upper hand. She loves letting him be in control. "Let", being the word. People tend to think of a submissive as a slave and the dominant as the master. There is a difference, even though it may be a fine line drawn between the two parties involved.

Personally, I'm too selfish a person to play at either roles, but if I had to choose, I'd want to be the sub. The dominants role would be too much work. :)

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Marco you are an idiot. I am a submissive. And I am not at all weak. I like to give up control in the bedroom. And I do support my partner. Seems to work well for us. And we enjoy our relationship. The fact that we enjoy the sane things make our relationship. I do so much for my Dom/partner, and he always makes me feel safe and cherished. Your statement was just idiotic! And very much angered me, including my fianc�!

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Ewwww. Just ewwwww.

Oh, and Mia? The most recent post on this thread, before yours, was 4 1/2 years ago.

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