Need to find a scooter for $800 or less.

privilelaSeptember 6, 2007

Trying to find a reliable 50cc scooter for $800 or less. Of course I found all the Chinese brands offered online, but I am skeptical after reading some reviews here. Are there any exceptions maybe? Anyone who bought one that actually works?

I need it for a very short 3-5 mile daily commute, and I only weight 110lbs. Any suggestions???

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I think your best bet would be to keep your eyes open for a used Japanese scooter. This is the time of year they start popping up for sale. Be patient. You can read all the threads here and see if you want to take a chance on a Chinese model, but you must be able to work on the engine yourself. I would rather have a used Honda or Yamaha than a new Chinese scoot any day.

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Check your local Craigslist. I see some on there. A new Honda is about 2K, but payments on that may be affordable for you, if you can't find used.

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At $800, you'll most likely get a better bike and a better handling machine if you search for an older, small motorcycle. Front end geometry is critical to handling.

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Look at classified ads and cruise the motorcycle shops. Scooters and motorcycles are at their low point in sales in winter in the northern tier of states. Right now, there may be some Christmas sales, so wait 'til Janurary and then go bargain hunting. Prices are the lowest. One caveat, however, many owners knowing this do not attempt to sell or spend money for ads, but wait for spring when sales pick up.

I have found that you can find a bargain in late August when riders are about to go away to school and the end of the riding season is approaching.

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