Has anyone made a dishwasher steam deflector?

terri76February 20, 2012

Many people (including me and my daughter-in-law) are upset because their dishwashers' steam vents are directing the steam under their laminate counter tops. This is destroying the particle board and the laminate is chipping. I read somewhere that some of the manufacturers recommend not using laminates or not installing the dishwasher flush with the cabinets but ours are already installed. A few manufacturers now make steam deflectors to install under the laminate counter top. I would like to know if anyone has made and installed their own deflectors under their counter tops? Also what materials did you use and how did you do it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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All you need to do is to pull the DW out and paint the particle board with two coats of primer. Done. If you want to go the extra mile, use a coat of color matching paint on top of the primer so that you never see any of the particle board at all. I'd do this around the sink edge as well. That's a far worse spot for water infiltration than over the DW.

Or you can staple 6 mil poly sheeting to the underside of the counter and dab a bit of caulk over the staples. Some have even made a "cube" of the poly, covering the adjacent wood sides of the cabinets as well.

Or you can buy a condensing dry type of DW that doesn't vent like almost every single stainless interior one on the market. It will be quieter and the tub won't turn orange from tomato sauce as well.

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