Do you belong to ABATE or other motorcycle rights org.?

msmarionAugust 15, 2006

DH and I both are life members of ABATE of FL. There is nothing going on at the state level now due to summer vacations. I'm not a political activist but, someone has to look after our rights. We are looking for stiffer penalties for hitting a motorcyclist, as well as anti-discrimination. There are still places that refuse to wait on you because you ride a motorcycle.

I hope you all are supporting your local motorcyle rights group. It's alot of fun too!


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im an AMA member.

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I never knew that there were such groups. Thank you. I will check them out.

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CCC (Cycle Conservation Club) in Michigan.

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Used to be on the board of directors of ABATE of Sarasota about 25 years ago.
Now I only belong to AMCA.

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ABATE of WI, also belong to MRF , both excellent sources of keeping our motorcycling rights intact for us that ride !
Very happy to see a motorcycle forum on here !!

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AMA and local District MX assn.

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AMA and MRF.

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ABATE, California


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Just joined an organization, the AMA located here, AMA - American Motorcycle Association.
Thank you for the info on the motorcycle "rights" groups.

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I don't belong to any of the MC rights groups. I used to, but just didn't agree with some of their positions. I did write to two of the Quebec city officials to let them know that I would be riding right past Quebec without staying there since they don't allow motorcyles in the old city except directly to and from a hotel with which you have reservations. I did just that a couple of days ago. Now I'm about 30 miles outside Truro and heading down to Meteghan in Nova Scotia for a few days before heading home to Virginia.

Actually, I have a slightly funny story. I didn't really pay attention to the ban a few years ago and I was riding around the old city looking for a jewelry store I'd been at years earlier. Couldn't find it, so I pulled up in front of a couple of policeman in a car and walked back to them. They gave me some helpful directions and then told me to continue with my shopping, but when I was done, would I be so kind as to leave the city as I really wasn't allowed there! I guess it's the French attitude!

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I am a very proud member and supporter of ABATE of Illinois,as well as a former and soon to be again, proud supporter of the MRF. Please join a motorcycle rights organization if you enjoy riding. As the saying goes," Freedom isn't free. "

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