How to post images?

alexiadesignbuffOctober 12, 2008

Hi everyone. How do I post images? sorry for the dumb question. Also, is it appropriate to post pictures of my child, wedding, etc., or is it strictly for home related things...



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This is the Marriage area of the forum. Kids are discussed in another area... as are weddings. Home things are still other boards!

This is a very large forum...

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alexia, not a dumb question. This was posted by chemocurl in the test forum. It should get you started posting pictures. Good luck.

* Posted by chemocurl zone 5/6 S IN (My Page) on
Mon, Aug 11, 08 at 12:29
Well for starters, let's get you posting a pic first...K?

1...just type your message,...or in this case a reply to this post, changing the Subject of Posting line by one character. Photobucket in another tab
3...find the pic you want to post in the message, on HTML code found in the third box below the pic. It will say copied in yellow,
5...go back and paste the HTML in your message box,
6...hit preview,
You will then see your message, and the actual pic,
7... lastly hit submit.

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