Please Help with Kitchen Cabinet Choice

dcnchuckFebruary 13, 2013

I have been looking at cabinets to replace my old cabinets in my kitchen. I have decided on a shaker panel in Cherry. Two cabinet companies have different but acceptable finishes. Kountry Wood Products has a cider Cherry finish while Kabinart has the panel in a coffee glaze.On both I have upgraded to full overlay, wood boxes, and slow close doors. To finish my research I went into finding consumer reviews. I have had no luck finding any sufficient reviews of either one of these companies. Does anyone have any experience with either one of these companies? What little I have read is not positive. I was especially disappointed when it appears they are not good at backing up their warranty. If these don't work then I think I will need to go up another level. I have looked at Dynasty by Omega. They are nice cabinets, but it's a few grand more that I'd rather not spend if possible. I am looking foward to and thank all of you for your feedback.

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There is no comparison between those brands and Dynasty. The construction and finish is a huge difference. Huge. As well as the much expanded finishing choices. All of those "upgrades" are standard for Dyasty. Plus you get a furniture quality finish. If you are going to live in the house for any length of time, it's worth having the better quality.

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