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dirt_yfingernailsOctober 25, 2007

Something about our DH or SO that makes us happy or laugh or that we love about them. My DH is excellent at making me smile. He's smart and funny and makes me feel dearly cherished. And handsome too. He helps around the house. Buys me flowers. NO! you can't have him!

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Something that made me die laughing last week:

I'd been working long hours and was completely exhausted, so I slept in much later than usual last Sat morning. When I got up my hubby was messing around in my bathroom, and he abruptly slammed the door shut in my face. I thought, "What the heck is going on in there?!?!" He came out, covered my eyes, took me into the bathroom and sat me down on the toilet seat (I still had my PJs on---this is not a dirty story). Low and behold, my hubby had installed an expensive, super cushy foam padded toilet seat (I hadn't exactly been expecting THAT!).

He said, "Baby, you work so hard I thought your butt deserved some high-class comfort!"

Now perhaps this would not be considered a traditionally *romantic* gift, but I found it hysterically funny and cute that he gave me a fancy toilet seat---of all things!

(FYI: he usually gets me thoughtful and tastful gifts, so this was not a case of him being rude)

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Maybe not traditionally romantic but sweet and funny! My DH and I exchange e-mails with love notes and jokes several times a day.

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When he has his arms around me i feel "safe" in every way possible.

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Great thread idea dirt yfingernails!

Shiver,that totally cracked me up reading your post!

I love it when I'm crying during a movie and I look over at him and he's blinking his eyes back with tears but tells me he just got something in his eye!

I love it when I look outside and see he has every kid in the neighborhood playing football.

I love how much taller he is than me and also makes me feel very safe.
I love his goofy sense of humor. His light heart. His big kid qualities.His generous nature.

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Loved the comfie seat story.

I read this forum often and it makes me sad that most of what is written is about marriages that for one reason or another are not working.

I love my DH from the top of his silvering head to his very agreeable-looking toes. When marriage works, there's no substitute. Who else will worry about the kids as much as you do, gamely tackle dishes, laundry, projects, income taxes, whatever, keep you company, take your side, care deeply about whether you're healthy and happy, fix things, reach high places, wake you up at night and make you feel great, face the world to make sure the family is provided for, and kiss you every day?

In my work (visiting nurse) you do see long-standing marriages-- of course some are not so great, but quite a few are warm, sweet, and enduring after fifty or sixty years.

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My husband supports my dreams, as long as i support his. It works for us!

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Mine likes to watch 'chick flicks' with me, and we both laugh and cry at the same silly parts. He's truly my very best friend - I can tell him anything and know that he'll understand. And it doesn't hurt that he's big and strong and can build absolutely anything. Not to forget the ever-present twinkle in his eye --

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My husband, of 34+ years is a doll. It's so hard to pick just one thing about him that makes me happy. He loves to go shopping with me. He gets excited about putting up his extensive outdoor Christmas decorations each year. When I compete in a competition, he's always in the front row, routing me on.

Maybe the 'cutest' trait of his? The way he adores our cat. The himalayan cat he gave me for my birthday over 15 years ago. He comes home from work and greets her with baby talk, he keeps a can of whipped cream in the fridge just for her (her favorite treat), he loves to pick her up and cuddle her--never worrying that it's not a 'manly' thing to do. He's just so cute with our little doll.

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I enjoy reading this post. I don't have the greatest marriage. Sorry that I don't really have anything I can contribute! It is very refreshing to read about people who have good marriages and really like each other and are there for each other! Keep the stories coming --seriously-- I wish I had what you guys have.......but I don't. It doesn't mean I can't be happy for those who have it good.

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I don't know if there is just any "one" thing. He is my best friend i don't know what I would do without him, he keeps me centered. I tend to fly off the handle on things and he is always the one to get me calmed down with just a few words. He works the night shift so on his nights off he sneaks around the house cleaning things I haven't gotten to as quietly as he can (I sleep like the dead, he doesn't need to be quiet:) He asks me if there is anything I want to watch before he settles in on any show (I don't really watch t.v) He is considerate is what I am trying to say I guess, if he had 1/2 a candybar left (and he adores chocolate so this would be a big sacrifice for him) he would give it to me just because I asked for it. Right now in between working 12 hour shifts he is redoing my Mustang for me, inside and out. I have to wonder, what do I do for him that equals his generosity to me?
Well I sneak around the house while he is sleeping cleaning or whatnot, I hand the remote to him as soon as he sits down in his recliner, I give him 1/2 of my candybar and anytime he needs me to help him with the car I am there.
we just mesh:)

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Sorry your marriage is not the greatest. Maybe posting here more often will help you vent.

I forgot to add my DH also e-mails me many times a day with little jokes and always an I love you, some times little saucy, racy coded phrases! I always look forward to them. We've been together 14 years and married for 10.

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