What kind of bike do you have?

jdbillpAugust 13, 2006

I have been waiting for a cycle forum on here for a long time.

I ride a Suzuki Bandit. I love riding my bike every chance I get. Always thinking of places to go and things to see.

What does everyone else ride?

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Well..this could be an interesting forum! What a wide variety of bikes there are out there. I ride a Honda Silverwing Scooter (I am old and lame!!) and my husband tries to keep up with me on his Honda VTX Retro!!!!! I love the Silverwing....very zippy and scooty...great on the hills...no shifting, always in the right gear! Of course my husband calls me a "shiftless b****" !!!!!)
We are in SW Florida....too hot for my riding comfort right now, but my husband is a bit more determined and rides much more than I do this time of the year.

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I ride a 1993 Honda, Goldwing 1500 trike and just love it. My husband has a 1996 Goldwing SE and we also have an old 1987 Honda Helix which has been sitting in the garage for a few years unridden. We also have two trailers we pull...1 a cargo trailer and the other a Time Out camper. We are very active with our local GWRRA chapter.

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Just bought a 1986 Yamaha 600 Radian. Fun little bike that is in super condition

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If it has two wheels and an engine, I like it, but here's what's in my garage:

Yamaha FJR1300 (the winter bike, since it puts off more heat than my fireplace)
Buell ST3 (the summer bike)
Harley Sportster (the best looking bike on the planet, but good only for short rides)
Suzuki DS650 (the dirty bike)

My uncle still rides his Silverwing everyday, at 88. Great bike. I may get a Goldwing some day, but I'm not quite there yet!

Keep the shiny side up, ya'll.

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shiny new 2k6 Kawi EX250R

short bus yellow with orange flames.

i live about 40 minutes (riding) from "The Tail of the Dragon" (www.dealsgap.com)

for those who dont know, its the best MC road in the continental US. some say the world.

its hot here but i ride in spite of it, im averaging about 1100 miles a month.

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My husband and I currently have a Suzuki Bandit. It's our transistion bike from cruisers. We have had sooo many bikes:

Honda Nighthawk
Suzuki GS500
Honda Shadow (a couple of these)
Honda Super Magna
Honda Magna
Honda Valkrie
Honda VTX 1800

One of the Shadows was mine, but proved to be too big for me to learn on. I'm short. Perhaps a nighthawk next time. Once I learn I would like to get a Triumph Thruxton 900(cafe racer)

Happy Riding!

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Jammer and I have a Honda VTX 1800, and I absolutely love it! I'm still looking for a bike more my size that I can ride around on. We take vacations on the bike and I never want to come home. My dream is to start riding and just keep going!

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I'm the peewee of the group with a Honda Elite 80 scooter. It's great for getting around Seattle!

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We have multiple BMW's, i ride an r1100r and an r65. we also have an r1100gs, r100, k1 and an r75 oh and an r100rt. the 75 is a project and will be a long time before it sees the pavement. i am thrilled to see this forum. always looking for other riders to converse with.

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Motorcycles on Gardenweb? Who'da thunk it!

Well, I learned on my dad's '70 Norton 750 Commando (still need to do MSF before I really start racking up the on-road miles), and I've got the right to restore and claim my godfather's '73 Kawa Z1 once I can afford the parts (the tank and all the plastic need replacing because of a custom paint I can't afford to restore but don't dare destroy, the crankcase needs to be de-or-re-chromed, most everything needs to be cleaned/rebuilt, and the ignition system is shot all to hell).

At the moment I'm looking for a cheap beater dualsport, dirt bike, enduro or, heck, even a scooter, that I can use to get around a college town here in northeast Ohio during the fall, winter and spring, then get rid of next summer when I graduate.

My dream ride, aside from the Z1 I've drooled over since I was 6 years old (the last time it was ridden, sadly) would be a KTM LC8 (aka 950 Adventure, depending where you live).

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Oh my goodness! A motorcycle forum on Garden Web! Well, I guess I'll jump in. I currently ride a '92 HD FXLRC it's my second HD and my fourth bike. I learned on a 74 350 4 cyl. Honda. Moved up to a Honda 500 Interceptor. Took 13 years off. Moved to FL (boy the riding here sure is boring). DH and I own a performance motorcyle shop.
I love to garden and cook.

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Motorcycle-less at the moment. But am looking for my next bike right now. I'm not sure one bike will do. I want a Honda Nighthawk 250 for convenience around town. You can't beat its gas mileage. I would also like to get a midsized cruiser. But it has to be comfortable. I'm starting to favour the V Stars.

This after riding a Suzuki Calvacade for the last 13 years.


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I have a 2003 Honda Shadow 600cc that I don't ride any more,
I ride my 2006 Honda Shadow Aero 750cc. Hubby has a 2007
Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail Classic. I have been
riding now 2 years and Hubby all his life. We are retired and enjoying it. We have been to Mrytle Beach bike week the last
3 years now.

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I no longer ride, instead I get to be Queen! Can I play here too?

And heres my queen seat!

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1963 Triumph, 1978 Moto Guzzi Robin

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Hi everyone
I ride a 99 FatBoy HD. I love it, Just got back from stugis for the 12th time. I would love to go sometimes when it's not bike week so we could just ride without 400,000 other people there.... It.s still great riding thru the canyons and hills.. My boyfriend has a 92 softtail (113 c.i)that ones fun, if you need to catch up or get out of someones way you can do it... NOW...and last year he bought a 2004 custom chopper,another 113 ci. It's beautiful...If i could figure out how to post pictures I would....
Its nice to see this forum.....

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Bike forum! Cool!

I have a 1998 Triumph Speed Triple. I love that bike. I can load it up to tour with, then strip the bags off & scream around the back roads. Did a week's ride to & through Nova Scotia a few years ago and the bike performed flawlessly from pavement to gravel to dirt. I'm a big fan of the new Triumphs. I would looove to get a Thruxton or one of the new Scramblers but that would mean selling my Speed Triple and I can't bring myself to do that.

I also have a 1970 Norton Commando 750S that's been the eternal project. While it ran surprisingly well when I bought it the bike got scarier the farther apart we took it. I can't wait to get THAT beast back on the road.

I've got a soft spot in my head for British bikes. Most of what's in our garage is old & British.


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2000 HD FatBoy. Thinking about an HD Electra Glide, but just don't quite want to give up the FatBoy.

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Bikeless at the moment, saving my penny's for HD RoadGlide or Honda Gold Wing Cruiser, just stepped off Henderson SuperX, have ridden in past Suzuki750, Norton Commando & learned on Honda 90. Did at one time recently wanted a Victory 92 TouringCruiser, but they chose to abandon their 2007 touring cruiser series for the Kingpin model which is more like a sport bike or Vrod. Not interested. Cause I know as soon as I get another one, my partner is going to say she wants to ride. Even though she won't admit it now.

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Wow, thought I would only be here to talk tropical plants, and here comes a bike forum....

I ride a 2006 Suzuki SV650S, and have an '81 Honda CX500 Custom. I love them both equally.

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I ride an 04 Harley Electra Glide Classic....Old geezer bike...

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Ummmm... I'm not sure how we sprouted a motorcycle forum on a gardening board, but I love both (hey, along with kiteflying, playing piano, camping, collecting vintage audio gear, and speaking Russian).

We are now down to three bikes -- we had six last year. The current collection is our 2004 Gold Wing (same color as jeanner's above), my 1977 BMW R75, and Mrs. PJ's 1981 CB650 Custom.

I have been riding since a little before I was legal to do so, and I think I've owned about 17 bikes since then.

Here's the Beemer:

Glad to be here. Should make for some interesting discussions -- like how to get a 50-lb bag of fertilizer home on the back of your bike.

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Pianojuggler, love your 75, ours is a ground up restoration.it has not been on the road for 20 years, we rescued it and a k1 bike from a building. The k1 had not been on the road in about 10 years, runs like a top now. glad to see another beemer rider.

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My nickname says it... '88 Honda GL1500 - and just turned it over 135,000 miles, over a hundred thousand are mine!

Hubby has a 97 Triumph Trophy 900 (what fun!), a 95 Yamaha SECA II and a 92 Kawi Vulcan 500 (his first bike).

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My main machine is a 2004 Ducati Multistrada 1000. Real fast and gets over forty mies per gallon while keeping a smile on my face. The second bike is a 1995 Honda Nighthawk that I have owned since it was new. Now besides talking people into more roses than they need I can work on Ducati ownership.


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"how to get a 50-lb bag of fertilizer home on the back of your bike."

Strap it down on the passenger seat across the top of the side cases.

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I was riding an old 1976 Honda Super Sport, 750cc, with Windjammer fairing. It was the only Honda model that was painted yellow with blue pin stripes. It was the last year that used screw and jam nuts for adjusting valve lash. The next model went to buckets and shims. I still have it and it is in riding condition. I bought it used in 1979 and I've kept it for these many years because it has no bad handling habits at road speed. With the fairing, it feels top heavy from 0 to 5 MPH, but after 5 mph, that feeling dissappears.

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Well here goes. You'll laugh, but right now I have a Honda Helix and absolutely love the little bike. In past years I've had:

Honda 900C (4-cylinder, shaft)
Honda 750
Honda 305 Superhawk
Triumph Daytona 500 (fantastic bike and totally reliable for me)
Suzuki Titan 500
Suzuki 250 single-cylinder street/trail
JB (Sachs engine, Earlys type front fork like the really old BMW's)

I think that's about it.

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I have a '71 Honda CL350. I just got it and it's my first bike after taking the motorcycle safety course this spring. It's beautiful, mint condition, and I feel very lucky!

I also have a Tomos Targa moped which I've been riding for the past few years. But after taking the course and getting used to a motorcycle, the moped is way too squirrely for me now! It's up for sale!

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"I ride an 04 Harley Electra Glide Classic....Old geezer bike..."

A lot can be said for a Geezer bikes when your a long from home.

Here is a link that might be useful: OUR BIKES

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jemdandy says:

***It was the last year that used screw and jam nuts for adjusting valve lash. The next model went to buckets and shims.****

Not so. Honda built that same engine up until 1978....in the "F" and "K" flavors. Buckets and shims arrived circa 1979 On the 750. It was the year of the CBX and other twin cam 4 cylinder models.

An X Honda wrench

1965 fox minibike
1971 speedway silver shadow
1973 yamaha ct-175
1975 yamaha mx-250
1977 yamaha xs-650
1979 Honda cx500c
1979 Honda xr-185
1979 Honda cb-750K
1981 Honda cb-750C
1982 Honda vf-750s Sabre
1982 Honda cr250r
1984 Honda xr-200r
1990 Harley Fxrs Lowrider is my current ride.

Good to see the lady riders on here. Nothing more sporty than good looking gals on the bikes! :)

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Well...I'll be darned! I'm temporarily puterless for 8 months and BAM!...a bike forum appears.
I see a few of my old friends from here have already replied...(((((Nita)))))!

I've been riding for over 30 years.
Started on dirtbikes...but my first bike was a Triumph Daytona. I see that mihi also rode one.
Mine, however, was NOT dependable.
That Lucas electrical system wreaked havoc!

Through the years I had a couple of old Flathead trikes, a BSA, a Norton and about 5 Shovelheads...the last of which was totaled when a 'gentleman' ran a stop sign here in Flarda.
At that time, I bought a 1940 Flathead, which I have since restored.
Then in 2004, I bought a 2005 Deuce, Miss Pearl...she's my baby!...and my hubby bought his first bike (LOL), a 2005 STS.
I'm very happy with the Deuce, but I'm thinkin' I need a sixth gear!

**Tried to post pics, but for some reason, they're not showing up...*heavy sigh!

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Well, from dirt under my nails to wind in my hair.....
Gotta love it...I have a 2002 HD Road King..
(My Road Queen)..
Hubby has a 94 HD. Ultra Classic... Started riding 15 years ago, on a sporter, then had a 98 HD Dyna-wide glide, sold that to buy a lake home..Move to the lake home...dug in the dirt some more...missed the wind in my hair (my own ride)....bought another bike...Still digging in the dirt...

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Naturally I don't have any bikes at the moment, but how could I resist leaving a post here? I've made it one of my key life fulfillment missions to use mopeds and electric assist bicycles as my commuter transport. Specifically I'd like to buy a new Tomos of some kind and then start collecting vintage models from the golden age of mopeds (the 70's) with really macho names like "Hobbit" and "Puch", and rebuild them until a have a collection. I'm basically geared up to start spending but haven't settled on a source. My first moped will probably have to be shipped from a shop about 400 miles south, but we'll see.

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04' R1

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I am amazed! Just saw this forum today. I am in my 2nd year riding. I ride an '84 700 Honda Shadow. I absolutely love it. I am kinda short (5' 0") so when I found a bike that I could put both feet on the pavement, I jumped on it. I didn't want to put a lot of money into a lowering kit, in case I wasn't comfortable riding my own bike, instead of being on the back of DH's bike. Now he can't get me to go 2 blocks down the road on the back.
Be safe,

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My husband bought me a used 04 Honda 750 Ace two years ago, with 1300 miles, and I learned to ride at the age of 48. Loved it and put about 4,000 miles on it in a year and a half. He just bought me an new 06 Softail Deluxe, black and white, in April and I've put over 7300 miles on it. No question about it - the Deluxe is the bike for me.

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This is my trusty steed
2002 BMW K1200 RS
Lovely 'bike

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I currently have two bikes:

1957 Harley FLH (last year of the hardtails). All original, my dad was the original purchaser.

1998 Honda VTR1000F Superhawk.

I love them both!

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2006 Yamaha Roadliner S

Took me a long while to decide between the VTX1800 and this bike, but after the road test, I had no more doubts. I kinda wish I would have gotten the Stratoliner now, which was only a grand more, but I didnt really like color. Now, I am looking at getting the shield, sidebags, and backrest and it is gonna cost be around 1800. :( Aftermarket parts (accessories) will eat you alive.

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Aprilia Scarabeo Scooter for toodling about my neighborhood, taking son to school, going to the gym. Having lots of fun with it.

Wondering if eventually I'd like a smaller Harley, I love the throaty sound.

Good-time rider, less, if at all in winter. Enjoy the smells as I ride 2-30 mph!!!


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If only I put the bike in front of my garden for a photo...

Here is a link that might be useful: My girl

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My last four bikes have been:

1978 or so BMW R60, Luftmeister fairing.
1980 BMW R100T, Windjammer fairing.
2004 Honda ST1300ABS.
2005 Honda Goldwing ABS (current).

I loved the last three, just had to give up on the R100T because it was costing me about $2000 a year at the dealer and still wasn't running right, although it was in basically excellent mechanical shape and recently expertly repainted to the original factory blue. I sold it to someone more adept at mechanics, who solved some ignition and carb problems in a couple of days and now has a new looking and running bike. He's happy and I'm happy.

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Currently I have 2-
A 1972 Kawasaki 500 Mach III
1994 Harley Sportster 1200XL

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68 Bridgestone Dual Twin 175 (Original thighmaster)
72 Kawasaki 500 Mach III (The Widowmaker)
73 Honda CB500E
78 Kawasaki KE100
83 Yamaha YZ125
83 Yamaha YZ490 (The Boat)
84 Yamaha FJ600
85 Yamaha YZ250

The original thighmaster -- named such as it had a rotary 5 speed transmission. The engineers thought it would be a good idea coming off the highway on short ramps to not have to downshift through all those cogs, but rather upshift once more and volia you are back in first. This works great until you forget what gear you are in and grab 1st at 50mph. More than your thighs flex when that happens.

The widowmaker put down nearly 60hp but handled like a chipmunk on crack being chased by a broom. Scary bike.

The boat -- aptly named as the best 2 days of this bikes existance was the day I bought it and the day I sold it.

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Hubbie rides an '01 Softail Deuce.

Me? I'm a 2-bike owner! Both Harleys:

1997 XLH 883 (My "Starter Bike" - purchased in 2001). She's tricked out to the point where she barely resembles a Sportster! Hella fun on the twisties, but hella miserable on the Long-Hauls (just take me out and beat me with a rubber hose!!!).

Bought a Brandy-New Bike for cruising! 2004 Heritage Softail in Lava Red Sunglow (Yummmmmmy!). GREAT highway bike, but sux on the twisties!

Nice to have a choice though!

Pics are at the URL listed below!

Bikers on a Garden Website... Hmmmmm!!! ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cutie Pie's Biker Page

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This is part of the collection, my daily rider is a 2002 Silverwing.

They are a 1961 Vespa, a 1957 Cushman Eagle, 1947 Cushman with custom body and a 1947 Doodlebug.

These are a 1953 and 1954 Cushman Eagles

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I am new to riding - 500 miles under my belt. I have a 2006 Honda Rebel. It is the perfect first bike. My SO has a HD Road King. We love taking road trips.

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I have an '01 Harley Ultra Classic. Much to be said for a "Geezer Glide" !! LOL

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I ride a 2000 HD Dyna wide glide. My husband has a 2005 HD road king custom.
And our oldest daughter rides a Ducati monster.

..my great grandparents both raced Indians in Canada about 1915-1930.

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Here is my baby. 805 CC's, 443 lbs.

Suzuki Boulevard S-50

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I don't notice that many posters have offroad bikes! Here are our bikes - my son's Honda XR100, his friend's red Honda TRX250ex quad, my husband's Honda CR230, and my yellow Honda TRX250ex. We just went today up to Jerseydale (in Sierra National Forest) for a ride on fire and logging roads. What fun! We must of went 20 or 30 miles at about 4-5000 ft. elevation. The scenery was spectacular. The area had it's first rain last week and the terrain was just perfect. We met up with someother folks that ride offroad also. All and all, a great family activity. Are there others that ride offroad?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My main ride is a 1988 Sportster with a sidecar, don't recall seeing mention of one of those in anyone's posts. My daily ride to work bike is a 1981 XS650 Yamaha with of course another sidecar. That one is a year round bike, only live about one mile from work so Central NY winters are doable. I do have to replace the summer tire on the back with a knobby for the winter. Always surprised how easy the old Yamaha starts after a day out in the snow. Usally do have to kick it as the electric start on those were borderline in summer when new! The salt on the road does do a number on the bikes finish but it was not too pretty when I got it.

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2003 Harley Low Rider and a brand spankin' new Kawasaki ZX14! The best of both worlds!

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