Will a Harley slow me down?

ya_thinkAugust 29, 2008

Not much activity on this forum, but I figured I would ask an opinion here anyway.

About 20 years ago I had a very limited engagement with a 1977 (?) Honda 360T. That was the extent of my riding experience until I was given a FZ700 last year. Now I'm having a problem quite opposite to that of the "scared to ride on highway" threads. After just about 10 minutes of remembering how to ride, it's like my wrist is spring-loaded and it's all I can do not to go full throttle. 75 on the highway feels painfully slow.

The bike needs work and I do not care to spend any money on it. I always dreamed of a Harley, but now I wonder if I would be bored on one. On the other hand I am too young to die and I know I will never ride remotely safely while crouched over a crotch-rocket. So I am just wondering, if you are sitting back chillin' on a fat hog, is there more of a tendency to relax a bit and enjoy the road?

Please, no lectures, I know all that. I simply want to know if 65 highway and 45 local is a little more enjoyable on a cruiser than it is on my bike.

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"I simply want to know if 65 highway and 45 local is a little more enjoyable on a cruiser than it is on my bike."


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Go take some bikes out. If you have a current motorcycle license - than go test drive some Harleys. If you have a need for speed, go to the local track. Since you know yourself better than anyone, only you really know what you want. I have to say just because a cruiser looks comfy and laid back doos not mean they dont have power.

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I'm an old lady at 51 years old and I just got my motorcycle license, I Love my little 150 scooter,,
but then again, I don't think it would be very comfy for the long haul..

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I vote get a Harley. I get passed by metric bikes fairley often combined with the wana race thing but it dosent matter. Mabey my 1200 sporster could race them but why should I bother Im on a Harley.. the bike everything else is compaired to, the bike everyone else copies, A true American motorcycle.

My little story is down below > mustang rides

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I vote get a harley too! ;) Jest updated from Sportster to Heritage Softail Classic - bigger bike. Took a little gettin used to, but now the ride is fantastic. You can go in comfort for hours, so if longer trips is a goal, consider one of these. After being on this one for 1 1/2 years, Sportsters just look so small now (no offense John ;) !) - especially if 2 people are riding.

I agree with John too - the need for speed IS overcome by 'the Harley thing'. We just cruise now, and laugh as all those metric bikes squeal by, as though they are on a race track, and not the road! Changed out the stock pipes for Screamin Eagle drag pipes - the sound is awesome!

Of course, the speed is there whenever ya want it to be, but the most pleasureable ride is to not be in a hurry, not be fast & reckless, and enjoy the scenery as you go! Besides, you'll get better miles to the gallon by not tearing around so much.

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None taken Mam, I would like to get an FXD I have a Bud who rides one, seems like they have the best of both. Buttttt money is money the bang for the buck thing is with the Sporster. I still might run into one but even a 10 year old fxd with good miles starts out at 15 or so.

With that evo motor I have had to do very little to my 2000 the most $ spent so far >> rubber mounting under the handle bars,frount brakes and two new tiresGet A Harley!!! John

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Get the Harley, I have a 883 and I love it. Did have a Honda Rebel. Moved up won't have anything else.
Never ride faster then your guardian angel can fly ~ ^ ~

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Buying a Harley if you are a "REAL" rider would be a mistake. Let me tell you why. Overpriced, old technology, underpowered and unreliable. If you dont care about looking like everyone else, buy a metric cruiser. A sportser is a girls bike. Barely keeps up with traffic. Go Large or dont go at all.

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1200 sporster,145 mph,evo motor slightley modified, very mild up keep, very reliable, my 2000 costs under $6000.

Anyway thanks for the laugh davi boy, its was a tough day at work and I needed a major grin. J.

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I'll call BS on a 145 mph slightly modified Sportster 1200. Most of the magazines test the stock 1200 top speed around 110 mph. So you either have done a bunch of speed work to the engine or you are exaggerating, by a lot.

Of course, anyone who buys a Harley for its performance doesn't get what a Harley is all about.

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Sory bout that jd,I keyed in wrong I ment 125 it was a hard day at work.Anyway this machine was a repo bike and who ever had it before has done a lot of work on it the guys at the shop looked it over after the 10000 service/test ride were telling me the thing is way over jeted / rev limit is maxed out other than that I dont know what they did to the inside. That run I had peged the spedo and I had more twist to go.
Anyway your right I just over reacted, Total sorry bout that. J.

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Please don't believe ANY motorcycle's speedometer. They are notorious for reading up to 10% fast.

Also, just because you had more twist to go doesn't mean you have more speed available.

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Lesson Learned, 10 4 on that. J.

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Got my laugh for today from Dave also!!!

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I am not a Harley fan, but I will not bash those who choose to buy/ride them. My BIL has a very nice 2006 Vulcan 2000 that is a dream to ride. Plenty of torque and power. I do not like cruier style bikes, I just do not like the seating position. I currently have a 2007 Yamaha FZ6 that is basically a standard with a R6 motor. It cost me just $5999 new and has close to 100 Hp at the rear wheel. It is fine on 500 mile days and gets near 60 mpg on the highway. Much less if you like to get above 10k rpms. With the soft luggage I added, my FZ6 handles weekend tours just fine, even with a pillion. During the all to short WI summers, I average 8-10K miles a season.

I have always liked the sport touring bikes, such as the Yamaha FJR, Triumph Sprint ST, Kawasaki Concours, Ducati ST2-ST3-ST4, BMW K100 and the newer K1200S. All of these bikes can be had for less than $15K new, less if used. The BMW K1200S is a blast, 167hp and high speed stability that is unreal. All day comfort too. So there a lots of choices besides a Harley for all day rides. Then again if you always wanted a Harley, there is nothing wrong with getting one. It all depends on what you expect a motorcycle to do.

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I also forgot to mention that my FZ6 handles track days just fine. I take off the center stand, as that seems to drag first.
In urban traffic nothing beats a light weight, nimble, bike with great brakes, I can dissect the morning rush like a scalpel. If you are used to smaller bikes, the weight and slow responses from a cruiser (any make) will feel very disconcerting at first. Manuvering 800 LBS through traffic is an interesting task.

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I ride a 1994 Harley Heritage Softail with over 100K miles and love it, owned it since new and would ride it anywhere. The Softail is a great bike


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I think the main problem does not lie with you getting a Harley. Being the speed demon that you are, you might find any other vehicle inadequate for your needs if they do not go fast enough. Harley's are not exactly known for their speed. Perhaps you should learn how to slow down. If you still decide to speed, getting a fast car might be a better and safer alternative.

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