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ont_galJuly 1, 2007

I'm not entirely certain if this is where to post this information that I require.

I own a 2003,Arctic Cat 500 ATV.

When driving it to work,it overheated,causing it to completely quit running.

It would not key start,only by pulling it,and even then,it was extremely difficult.

I have been told by various ppl to check the oil,which I have found,and the antifreeze..which I cannot find

I was also told that it could well be a stuck thermostat.

I have however checked online to try and find out what I can regarding repair.

Is there anywhere that I can find some info online for this bike?

Is there anyone here that could possibly figure out what may possibly be wrong with it?


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Would like to know reasons for "overheating" diagnosis.

Is engine 2-stroke or 4-stroke?

When it "...completely quit running." what, exactly occurred? Gradual? Sudden? Noises? Smoke? Steam? What?

Not much to go on from your post.

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thank you for your response asolo.

I do not know if its 2 or 4 stroke,but I'll try to find out asap.....this is my bike,but I am not the one that uses it the most,so I know little about it.

When it quit,it would just bog down....slow down slowly,as if not enough power to drive it.
Some of the time,before it would quit completely,it would smoke no steam,nothing...

I have found when riding as passenger,that the left rear fender area is very hot...yet the muffler is far enough away that I didnt think it should be hot,so that tells me that this heating up thing has been happening for quite awhile,just that it wasnt driven far enough to make it quit maybe.

My DS did say that the battery may be part of the problem,that may have to do with it not key starting.
The machine had spent the winter in the garage,out of the weather,but not out of the freezing cold temps,so he says that would harm the battery(wish I had been told before winter)

I'll attempt to get more info on this and back to this thread sometime Monday...thanks again for your response so far.

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Hard to tell from cyber-distance, but I'm thinking fuel starvation or too-rich mixture. If you say back-firing, I'm thinking maybe too rich. Still too much unknown. 2/4 strokes do typically show different symptoms for their ailments. Would be nice to know.

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A progressively-clogging air filter can lead to symptoms you're describing on 2 or 4 strokes. Starves for air so more vaccuum on the fuel lines leading to too much fuel and too little air = bogging and back-firing. Still, must reserve judgement....just thinking.

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ok,I know this much is a 4 stroke Suzuki engine

We checked the oil,its ok,no smell of gas in it,and it seems clean and sufficient of it

We checked the anti-freeze,it too seems ok,and sufficient of it as well.

We took out the air filter,and are about to replace was dirty,but nothing too terrible really

I spoke to a fellow that repairs recreational vehicles,and he is saying that this particular make had troubles with what is known as the "stater" someting or other that is in the motor itself.

Someone else suggested a possible stuck thermostat.

We're really leaning towards hoping that it is just what you say,or the theromstat problem

It has only a total of 850 km on it,and its 3 yrs old....360 of those km were put on it in the last year...hardly enough to warrant this "stater" thing I hope ($$$$$)

Again,thanx for your time and efforts!

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Certainly unrelated to oil or anti-freeze. Thermostats typically stick open, not closed, but easy/cheap replacement in any event.

Suzuki builds good engines. Suspect something relatively simple. Have little doubt competent mechanic could diagnose and solve quickly. Maybe time for a few bucks at the dealer. 3 years without service ain't bad.

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Lets hope that this fellow tonite knows his stuff....I'll report back to you as soon as I have some (hopefully) good news

Thanx again!

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Sorry to have been so long getting back to you!

The problem "is" the stater....the mechanic checked it out,and said definitely stater or the rectifier.
Then he did something else and eliminated the rectifier he has confirmed it as stater.

Now,this machine has only 826 miles on it...I am going to go after Arctic Cat to see if they will honor some sort of coverage for it..the mechanic said that there is hardly enough mileage on it to have it even broken in yet.

We bought it second hand,from the one and only previous owner,who has bought it direct from a Snow City dealer.

Wish me luck!

And thanx again for your time and trouble!

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3 years? Second owner? Don't know AC policies but good luck with that.

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