Dumbest question EVER! (du rag)

photobobJuly 12, 2009

Gave up riding a number of years ago so I'm not a regular on this forum. But, it seems like the best place to ask...

Had my first experience jet-skiing this week and had a heckuva a time protecting my poor little bald head from the sun. Wore my cap, but even on backwards, the thing kept trying to fly off above 40 mph. So, after considering how handy a du rag would be for other activities as well, I picked up a couple. Really cool and useful.

My dilemma is: What is the "proper" way to tie one of these things? Has the two ties and a "flap" in the back, and I'm stumped as to how to tie it off without a big knot at the base of my neck, and yet stay secure.

Yeah, dumb, and not the most important question, but I sure would appreciate a little friendly advice.


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Try this.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to tie a doo rag

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Thanks for the link!

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