Rocket 150cc chinese scooter

bones210June 27, 2010

Is there such a thing as a useable manual for this scooter? My wife bought one a few years ago, and the carb is leaking like there is no tomorrow, but I can't find any info on this scooter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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By carbureator leaking, you mean overflowing, it could be dirt keeping the float needle from seating, or the float has sunk. A leaky float may admit fuel into itself and loose bouyancy and this is a likely cause.

To check, remove the carb and hold the carb upright; Carefully remove the float bowl. Gently shake the carb and listen for fluid slosing inside the float: Also, lift the float: Does it feel too heavy?

If the float is ok and all seems in working order, turn the top portion upside down and look at the float position when it closes the needle valve. Having no repair instructions, assume the float should be level with the carb at closed needle valve position. If the float is not level but rides too high (toward the top assmebly) adjust the float tang until the float rides at level.

These days, most needle valves are tipped with an elastomer making the float level fussy to set. The tip is quite compressible making it difficult to know when the proper level has been attained. In general, the proper level is set with only the weight of the float bearing against the needle.

CAUTION: The design of carbureators vary greatly especially between motorcycles and autos. However, it pays to take the same precaution until you discover the construction of the interior. Carbs with an enriching pump in the bowl has a tiny ball check valve and spring in the bottom of the bore below the accelerator piston. These parts are trapped when the carb is assemblied, but are free to fall out when the top of the carb is separated from the bottom. Turn the bottom half over and the check valve parts fall out never to be seen again. Hopefully, your carb will be more like the typical motorcycle carb and you won't have to deal with this feature.

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