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iggieOctober 21, 2011

I read so many of the posts here and most are from people unhappy in their relationships for one reason or another. I would like to post about a happy one. I have been married 63 years am 86 she is 81, both still in good health and we could not be happier. Still get it on once or twice per month. I still get turned on when I watch her dress, never had any serious relationship problems. Been smitten and hopelessly in love since the first time I saw her. Everyone please forgive me for bragging, but I thought my story might encourage someone. Iggie

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Awwwwww how lovely,dont apolagize for bragging.I think its beautiful.your very lucky indeed.I was only reading something yesterday where an elderly couple died an hour apart holding hands.gave me goosebumps.Hope you carry on enjoying many more happy healthy years.x

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Lovely, iggy. I don't recall ever hearing an 86 year old referring to it as "getting it on", but more power to you.

Lucky lady you have. Wish I found someone who loves me as much as you love your wife.

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We just celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary yesterday.
I am so happy for and your wife are still in love.....same here.
Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

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Lovely post Iggy, thanks for giving us all hope !

Your wife is very lucky to have a doting husband like you.

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Iggie, thank you for post this thread. I too, read this forum very offen and want to post one happy thread, but didn't have courage to do so. Congratulations to your and your wife.

I lived next door to my husband for 30 years (since I was born until I married him) My husband was 37 and I was 30 when we got married. (I am about to be 50 in couple of months)

I kept telling my husband that I loved him more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. I love him a little more each day that we lived together. We just celebrated 19 wedding anniversary, and our son was born exactly 365 days after the wedding. So he was 18 this week. Our son is tall, handsome and straight A student for the last 12 years. (He is 12 graders this year) We loved our son very much, but we do not spoil him at all.

We wanted a big family, but God's plan was different. And so we excepted one child after many fertility drugs.

We are very very happy.

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