Clever ideas needed

janofmnApril 10, 2009

Hi, I am one of the millions of unemployed people out there and w/o benefits. I was trying to come up with some clever ideas for bikers jewelry. I am not a biker nor do I know any. I was hoping to sell online and make some money.

I was thinking along the lines of Harley and other motorcyles. How about earrings with a cyle on them or skulls? Any better ideas out there??

Thanks in advance!

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So you're trying to be an artist in a field you're not passionate about....





Honestly it's crap like this, not the machines themselves, that makes me NOT want a Harley.

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REPLY TO YA THINK: guess you didn't have any clever ideas

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It is tempting to use well known motorcycle symbols in jewelry, but I don't advise it. That stuff is trademarked and you would be trading on troubled waters if you tried to sell such for profit. You'll probably need premission to use logos like Harley, Honda, etc.

How about using facimilies of motorcycle parts such as gas tanks, wheels, handle bars, headlamps, shifter pedal, brake disc, saddle bags, shock absorbers, billfold with chain, tools, etc.

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Jemdandy, now those are some original ideas.Thank you!

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janofmn - Sorry, my post was rude. My opinion stands, but clearly I should have kept it to myself.

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