Chinese Scooters

mister_hApril 3, 2007

Has anyone owned one?

I am looking for a 150cc to 250cc range scooter and was wondering about the quality/reliability of the Chinese made scooters. As you know, Chinese made goods are not so good... but in some cases they do make good quality products when Chinese manufactureres have some association with American/Japanese companies. But not likely on Chinese made scooters.

If you have any input, please post!


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If you are looking for a good, affordable scooter go check out the Kymco scooters from Taiwan.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kymco's website

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Take a look at a couple of my posts - Disposable Scooter and Thinking About Buying. Both will give you lots of negative information about Chinese Scooters.

The advice about Kymco is right on, several posts in the Thinking thread.

About the only positive word for Chinese scooters has been about the TANK as maybe among the best of the lot. Maybe someone will weigh in on that brand.

Good luck--it is confusing and the prices are seductive. If it seems too good to be true, you get what you pay for, etc.


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Forget Chinese scooters unless you want a disposable one. Don't confuse Taiwanese scooters with Chinese scooters. Kymco, SYM, E-Ton, PGO are all Taiwanese scooters. Tank, Volano, Quinqzi, SunL, are all China scooters.

The best one of the lot is probably Kymco. Very big in Taiwan, (along with SYM)

You have to think about parts and servicing too. No scooter is self sufficient. They all need servicing and / or parts sooner or later.

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I have a Honda Helix. See if you can find a used one. If buying new though, Kymco would be at the top of my list. Leave the Chinese scooters for another day, they have spotty reliability.

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Here is a link to a 150 cc scooter review posted today by CMG Online, a Canadian online motorcycle magazine.

This appears to be part 1 of a 2 part series. They compare a Vespa, PGO, Kymco, and a CMI.

The Vespa is from Italy, the PGO and Kymco are from Taiwan, and the CMI is from China.

None of the scooters were perfect. All had some issues.

Here is an excerpt.

"At the end of the trip the (CMI) E-Charm left me with mixed thoughts. Although it managed to cope with most of what we flung at it, the omissions in quality were always present. The "hot pipe" warning plate on the exhaust fell off, the floorboard rubbers were wrinkled, the pipe was already rusty and the "Made in China" sticker on the clocks was peeling off."

Here is a link that might be useful: CMG Online Scooter Article Part 1

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CMG has posted part 2 of their scooter review.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here for part 2

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Anybody familiar with Meitian scooters (specifically the Metro Duo model)?

Enjoy the fine day.

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Is anyone familar with Qlink cycles. If they are even half way reliable, they might be a decent buy for someone on a budget.

Here is a link that might be useful: Qlink

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My husband and I both have Chinese, Wildfire Scooters
mine is a 2006 150cc touring model, his is a 2008 150cc touring model, mine runs great,( as far as I can tell, he always says mine runs so much better than his,)
His, on the other hand, has spent more time at the dealers than with him,
Mine gets about 114 miles to the gallon of gas,
his is getting about 60 to 70.
The latest thing with his , when he stops at a stop sign, it stalls out, and is backfiring. It runs choppy, and sluggish.
When he took it back to the dealer this past week, he found out the dealer is so disgusted with Wildfire, he is no longer going to be selling them,
Now we are stuck with scooters that no one around here, will work on.
I only wish we had checked here, and online before we chose to purchase those scooters.
This is all coming from my own experience, so, I am hoping I am not offending anyone. (not sure why it would be offensive. But I will apologize, in case.)

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here's a reasonable article. see link

Here is a link that might be useful: american vs chinese

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Biddlebeach, join the Scootdawg forum ( and post a question there. The folks on that site know almost everything there is it know about Chinese scooters. I own 2 and fix them myself. My experience is that they are simple to maintain but many dealers know little or nothing about repairing them. Fortunately there is lots of knowledgable help available at Scootdawg, including inexpensive sources for parts.

The symptoms you are describing with your husband's scooter sound a lot like an intake manifold leak. The intake manifold on GY6 engines tend to crack easily but it's also easy to replace. He can check if that's the problem by spraying some starter fluid on the intake manifold. If the engine speed increases, he has a cracked manifold.

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Ukrkoz, that's an interesting article comparing Chinese and American scooters but it has one big shortcoming: There's no such thing as an American scooter! Vespa and Piaggio are Italian, SYM and QLink are Taiwanese, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki are Japanese. I think TNG was once Indian but is now Chinese. Everything else is Chinese. I don't think Harley makes a scooter, and if they ever do I'll bet they'll import most if not all of it from China.

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Just make sure that the place you buy your scooter from can
fix it. Alote of places will not fix them.

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Thanks for the info guys,, I am not getting alerts to new posts here so I have not been back here ,, no one was posting for a while there, so I quit looking for new posts,, I see I was wrong!
last problem with My husbands scooter was it vibrates so much he had trouble with his muffler! if vibrated so much, it almost off! his trunk DID lose it's bolts and almost fell off! Good thing he stopped at home when he did!
will send him this link!
life is still good among scooter drivers!

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Don't know if Harley ever makes a scooter or not - I have a Heritage Softail Classic, (upgraded from Sportster) It's a very nice ride & great on gas. But I do know Harley is comin' out with a 3-wheeler very soon! wheee!

Y'all did great with coming back at that guy. I had a similiar problem over in the Farm Life forums with *some* people being smart-assed, and just plain mean & know-it-all kinda attitude. This is not the purpose or place for that, and so I think y'all handled it great! (if all else fails, you can always complain to the moderator of the boards....under 'contact us' - they mean it with what they say on 'terms of use'!)

We can be nice, post opinions, give advice - all without being personal or crude!


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To 'Mister' April 7, 2007. Are Chinese scooters reliable?

Purchased a Chinese made Tank Touring 250DE-08, with a Yamaha-Linhai motor in September '08. Nice looking scooter!

I had extreme difficulty starting this scooter (it does vibrate). The dealer left enough fuel for a 1-2 start-up and adding more fuel proved useless. The battery is fine...could be the ignition...could be a short circuit.

As a new cyclist, I would not recommend a Chinese scooter unless you are mechanically inclined! GY6 parts are still unfamiliar to the majority of U.S. mechanics and they will not touch it.

I did have my eyes on the Yamaha; yet, I fell for the cheaper scooter with a 3 year warranty. Spring 2009, the Yamaha dealer will be seeing me!

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To eyeslooking. Your Tank may have a bad fuel pump or even sillier, is the kill switch in the proper position? Do you have spark? The vibration is not that unusual for a Tank 250. Read a review that said they do that. You may have to prime the carb again if the system got low. To check spray starter fluid in the carb and see if it runs. If not, you have an electric issue. If it does fuel isn't running. Good luck.

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Thanks KZ!

The kill switch is in the right position.

The first problem: Is trying to get the ignition switch in the 'On' position. Two experienced motorcyclist tried (to no avail) and determined something is definitely wrong with this scooter and to contact the dealer.

The second problem: It's trying to turn and I did hear a clunk (rechecked battery-it's still fully charged). I probably do need to prime the carb; but, I'm not mechanically inclined and I'm too curious for my own good (the scooter is still intact. LOL)

Third problem: The dealer is a new start-up shop specializing in Tank scooters only. Long story short...lack of business no-how all around!

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I'd contact Tank if I were you. I understand they stand behind their stuff and probably would help you out. If the dealer is authorized to sell their vehicles they wouldn't be too happy at the way he's taking care of you. They want to create a good reputation not continue the cheap Chinese Scooter image.

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A second thought. Take a socket wrench and put it on the fan and see if the motor spins freely. I've heard horror stories about scooters with valve timing that's off. These things have interference valve timing. The clunk you're hearing could be the piston hitting a valve. If the motor won't spin fully take the scooter back and demand a new one.

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Don't mind me. I'm thinking of the air cooled models. you don't have a fan. Maybe if the dealer can pull off the variator cover and try to spin the motor that way.

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We both must have been on the same page. I sent a letter to the Tank manufacturer 3 weeks ago (in receipt 12/08/08) for replacement or refund from there NJ dealer.

The dealer emailed the following day attempting to make arrangements for repair. LOL! Maybe my calculation is off...the 11th of November + 2 weeks (within)= 0? Or, the 9th of December + 2 weeks= 0?

I think the Tank Touring 250DE is a good scooter with the right dealer/mechanic.

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I'd love to know how this turns out. I've had good luck with my CCS even though I bought it online. You bought yours from a dealer and you can't use it. That's so not right. The whole idea of a dealer is to deal with problems and satisfy the customer. If anything I should be suffering and you should be riding. Stick with it, they owe you a seviceable ride.

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As a Vespa owner I am putting my two cents in. I have a friend that bought one of the 50 cc Chinese scooters, and though they look nice, he said he has had trouble with getting parts. Vespa and Piaggio are top of the line and you will pay for the quality, but you have some reassurance that they are reliable and will be serviced. If I were buying on price, I would go for a Kymco or Buddy. They are a good bet for the money. Remember, you get what you pay for, cheep is cheep.

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I've also read the Modern Vespa forum and they note that Vespa is not always so responsive to getting parts to their owners. Chinese scooter owners can always go to for parts or visit the forum at to get literally tons of advice on how to keep their scooters running. I've seen videos from youtube on how to service a variator on Scootdawg's forum. You're right, Kymco and Buddy are great scooters. But if you take the time to read the forum at Scootdawg you'll see there are people who are doing amazing things with their CCS and doing it on a shoe string. Numerous owners have over 10,000 miles on their 250cc scoots and have done nothing more than routine service. At the same (or less) price of a Kymco Super 8 150cc which is manufactured in China. I don't mean to offend you, but it's also half the price of a Vespa 150.

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Happy New Year!

I sent a 2nd letter to the dealer on December 15, 2008. Communication with this NJ dealer is now mute! As a forewarning to anyone taking into consideration of purchasing a Tank scooter - don't!

Oftentimes, companies breaking into the market, do sell there merchandise inexpensively. It doesn't necessarily mean the quality is less inferior. In the case of the Tank scooter, it has been modified (the engine) to be more competitive. I'm just one person, who now disagrees. Also, there is a possibility it make have been assembled wrong by the dealer (or whomever).

The dealer and possibly the manufacturer has violated the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act.

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I'm sorry to hear about your pain. I heard Tank was having financial trouble and I guess you're on the receiving end of their loss. If you go to they have people who sell their parts and service scooters also. You could get yours fixed by a good shop on their list if Tank is unwilling to replace yours. I just can't believe your bad luck with a formerly promising brand.

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Parts for scooters does have the dealer as a repair shop...LOL!
Yesterday, I received an email attachment from the dealers legal representative...amazingly, this must be an intimidation. Somehow refund reverted back to the NJ Lemon Law, where the dealer is to repair the scooter.
I may not be able to ride the scooter, I obviously do not know the law; but, I do know how to wrack somebodies nerves to no end!'s payback!

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I tried to look up other Tank dealers on their website but they don't have a dealer locator. I sent them an e-mail about it, but they don't seem to have the ability to respond. I even applied for their newsletter but haven't seen a single one yet. I wonder if anyone is even home at Tank Sports. I would still hound Tank about taking the scooter somewhere else if I were you. You also might try the forum at Go to the 250cc scooter side and tell your story and see if anyone might have a cure for you. There's a wealth of knowledge there and they explain it so anyone can understand it.

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Belle Mead, Stanhope and Hopatcong. According to the dealer locator they have dealers there. See if you can make a deal and have the scooter fixed there under the lemon law or the Warranty Act. They can't leave you stuck with a "Garage Ornament".

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Thanks for looking out kz!

Hopatcong is the dealer's residence & Stanhope is the 'New' dealer's business that I purchased the scooter from. If, I had prior scooter knowledge, I would have ran from the beginning!LOL!!!

Now you know where I purchased the scooter from. Even the repair service is questionable...upon availability per say.

I noticed the Tank manufacturer did remove the dealer locator from there website & noticed there stock is worth zip. (see Yahoo Finances & MSN).

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Then I would either go with plan B or C. Look up other places on or ask at the forum on I know you said you're not mechanically inclined but maybe a friend could help you out. It could be something as simple as a bad starter solenoid from the sound of it. Also if the engine is 244cc it's a Honda clone and a Honda dealer could help, 257cc and a Yamaha dealer would be your source. I'm not sure which is in the Tank.

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The Tank allegedly has a Yamaha Linhai 257cc (Yamaha clone) engine. Two dealers will not touch this scooter. I am relatively fair with tools; but, I'm apprehensive dealing with vehicular mechanics that can become hazardous-per say. Yes, I did look into ScootDawg (thanks) and other sites and it could be possible to repair with assistance.

But, I will not let the dealer & there legal representation get off easily! .

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I started a thread about you on Scootdawg under Dealers-The Good and the Bad, Tank falls Flat. Here's what one of the more knowledgeable members said about the goings on at Tank.

Tank had a management shake up in november and their customer service was flushed down the toilet at the same time....dealers receive support only if they beg and are willing to wait 4-6 weeks for warranty parts....oh, and do not expect the warranty parts to be new as they are sending used parts to remedy the problem. ..tank demands the old part to be sent in prior for evaluation before they send back an old greasy replacement part...the 2 way shipping costs are passed on to the owner(sux) is doubtful this company survives the recession.

As you can see you've received the pointy end of the stick.

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I'd still see if there's some way to try and spin the crank manually just to see if the engine is spinning freely. If it's locked up then neither Tank or the dealer has a case, the engine is shot. Otherwise it's a starter issue and could be the solenoid or starter or some circuit.

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I don't know if you saw this at Scootdawg but you might try this dealer. He's 70 road miles from your dealer.
He was recommended awhile back on another thread. Maybe he might help you.

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Yes, I did. Thanks KZ!

On the Tank 'Dealer Locator', I did see Hopatcong, Stanhope & Bell Mead; but not, Island Scooter in Long Branch. This is probably a new business (1hr distance).

The Stanhope dealer opened for business in late May or early June 2008 and the dealer is in the midst of changing the business name. This is a wait & see if there is some form of affiliation.

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I thought that by having the name of the dealer in Long Branch you might have some options. Usually when they get a mention in Scootdawg they must be pretty good. I figured you could call, explain your situation and see if he would help you out. If nothing else, a running scooter is worth more if you do buy a Kymco, SYM, Yamaha.... and want to trade in yours. If you do decide to keep it, then it's worth knowing who a dependable dealer is.

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If you go back to Scootdawg one member wrote a suggestion about contacting the DMV, it might be helpful. Another wrote about using another dealer, check it out.

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Thanks KZ!

I am taking into consideration what you and others are saying. I probably will check out Island Scooters and I may file a complaint with the FTC, instead of the state.

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I'm glad I could help. I would tell the dealer you got it from that his name has been refered to on Scootdawg. At least the Town he's in. He should know that people have got his number.

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Just so you know, I think you should go with Island Scooters. For one, you have a warranty and it should be honored and two, if you mess up the scoot you could void it. I think it's rediculous the way you've been treated and I think a reputable dealer would think so too. As you've seen in Scootdawg, everyone who deals in bikes and scooters is unhappy with how you've been treated.

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Thanks ABscooters and again to KZ!

Yes, this dealer seriously dropped a bombshell more ways than one. I do agree, the prep work probably was done by someone who is unauthorized and don't care.
KZ recommended Island Scooters, which is 1 hour away and requires a rental truck (only way to get the scooter there). I reiterate, I'm not mechanically inclined, the scooter is not running at all & I may give it go when the weather is warmer.

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I was looking into this myself. The generic Chinese ones look like they'd crack open if you so much as whispered at it - but at the same time I don't want to spend a bunch on something that I could only use a few months of the year - and I don't even know that I'd like.

I found this: Reasonable price, most of the parts are made in Japan and Taiwan, and the company boasts that it keeps spare parts for their models readily availble. Plus they have 24 hour tech support.

I can't personally vouch for them - but it looks like a good deal.

Here is a link that might be useful: BMS Pathfinder

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Thanks donicabean!

Yes, the Chinese scooters are priced reasonably, especially for a newbie. If, I drop it or crash big deal, still learning.

The 'Tank' Touring is my first. Will it be my last Chinese scooter? It depends if I (w/assistance) can get it running. The Taiwanese scooter, Kymco 250Xciting (tax & misc exp-approx $5800) received positive reviews and the dealership is closer and has been in business for years. Also, they sell Yamaha, Vespa, KTM, etc.

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I was just curious if you called Island Scooters yet? Now that the warmer weather is here and it's renewal time with DMV it would be the perfect time to investigate your problem. Inquiring minds want to know and I'l tell everyone at Scootdawg how this one works out. You can PM me at Scootdawg when you know something.

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I did call Island Scooters and I would have to rent a truck to transport the scooter. But, I did find a local lawnmower shop that does repair scooters.

Mid-August, I did request a refund from the dealer. This is when she acknowledged the business as being new, etc. I decided to figure out way to get the scooter out (eventually I rented a truck). She may have closed her shop in September instead of January. lol!

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I have had personal experience with both a Chinese and a Taiwanese scooter. I purchased a new 2008 Chironex Chase 50S and within a month, there was a loose engine bearing causing lots of noise. It also would stall if you stopped quickly. I also purchased a used 2006 PGO T-Rex 150 a few months after and have had very good (perfect) reliability from it.
Also, I knew nothing about scooters or motorcycles and simply put both bikes in my shed over the cold canadian winter without prepping them for the long sleep. Came spring, the PGO started on the first press of the button but the Chironex needed $150 of labour from a local dealer for it to work.
Could be just luck but I tend to think the Taiwanese have a higher quality product.
Sold the Chironex and kept the PGO. Good decision, I think.

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Hi guys!
Just wanted you all to know that my scoot started right up first try this season!
2006 Wildfire 150 touring
first time driving it was in April, in northwestern PA,
then not again till yesterday, was a tad bit cold in the AM but fab driving home in the 80 plus temps!
eyeslooking, I hope you get your scoot fixed up or replaced. that would really be making me mad to have purchased it and not be able to drive it! or even START it..

I do have a question for you all though,, as I said about my husbands trunk vibrating, mine does also, and I have no problem with that, but it is noisy, I thought at one point, I had read somewhere that someone did something to theirs and stopped the noise,or at least quieted it a bit, any ideas? I was thinking they ran a bead of caulking along the opening, not sure though.

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Hey, just dropping by. There are many opinions on chinese scooters, junk, reasonably priced, ok, not reliable, acceptable,hard to find parts etc. Ive read over and saw many who say most of the problems are that they need fixing in a short period of time, and that they cannot be fixed because of parts not being availible etc, (and yes, believe me, the phillips bolts holding to the crankcase rusted are a bit agitating), but I believe there is a way to fix them, you just have to find the right person who can, and can find the parts. Not only that in mind, but also the fact that many gy6 engines have basic universal parts, maybe not the exact style to the scooter, but quite close, and have the same basic layout. Ive been working on vintage scooters for the longest time such as Vespa, Zundapp, Lambretta etc, and even the modern quality bikes such as Aprilia, Peugeot, and Bajaj. But Ive started working on some of the generic brands as well, it seemed many were filling the motorcycle repair shops and collecting dust, and literally too, one I worked at had a few, the owner of the store said the owners of the scooters just ditched them keys titles and all. I offered him a price for them, but he just handed them over to me for storage space. I started doing work on them, one was a Verucci 50cc, many parts I got for it (carb kit for a Vento, a basic tire, and rear brake pads) all came from ebay in which I typed 50cc scooter part, looked at the item and how it would fit, and if it worked Id buy it. Everything worked, (except the original brake springs which I bought new and it fit then), and none of the parts said the company scooter I bought the part for. Theres always a way when it comes to repairing chinese scooters, of course no one can ever go wrong with a SYM, Vespa, Honda or any other major brand since parts are made specifically for them, more shops are open to them, and last longer without servicing.

Just my 2 cents.

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I can not believe anyone in their right mind would HONESTLY go to bat for chinese made scooters. There is NOTHING positive about them. I have owned two Roketa's and have had nothing but trouble with them from the very beginning. My sister had three, each one dying and falling apart within months of purchase and the others were replacements. Never again. The first problem with chinese scooters is maintenance. Anyone who says that you can simply do your own maintenance and be fine, is leaving out one VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL, PARTS, not to mention QUALITY OF PARTS, when they can be found! They can not be found anywhere,and when they can, they are poorly made, unless you get lucky and find them on the net. No reputable dealer wants to work on them for many reasons, only one of which is the parts issue. Mainly it is the quality issue. They are disposable garbage bikes. Everything the chinese makes, with the exception of clothes, is garbage. Like one poster already said" You get what you pay for" and believe me, that statement could never be any truer when it comes to these disposable garbage bikes. To even think of comparing a chinese made scooter to the likes of Kymco, SYM, Homnda, Yamaha, etc, is absolutely absurd. These companies have a proven track record and a rep for quality that the chinese will never be able to match, not in a hundred years. Stay away from the chinese scooters or you will be nothing but pissed off and out of a chunk of money.

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I own 2 Shanghai Meitian scooters one has 1500 miles on it and the other has 500 miles on it both were purchased online and arrived on time and in good condition from the distributer out of Dallas Tx. The older of the two has had no major problems and I do my own maintenance on both change oil
Etc. first major coming up is cvt belt replacement and I have researched this on the web and purchased my replacement belt online.I find both units reliable and easy to maintain

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How important is fuse size. Im getting spark and gas past the fuel filter, after riding some 40 yrs I think some sunshine and maybe a carb chesck, like the floAT area , I have a pro garage But Im sure its fuel related again theres spark.

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"To even think of comparing a chinese made scooter to the likes of Kymco, SYM, Homnda, Yamaha, etc, is absolutely absurd. These companies have a proven track record and a rep for quality that the chinese will never be able to match, not in a hundred years."

SOME Honda and SYM models are manufactured in China.
Xiamen Xiashing Motor-SYM

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"Im getting spark and gas past the fuel filter"

Troubleshooting Guidelines

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I just recently purchased a used Benzhou scooter. It needs very minor repair work (it was a 2008 and had 58 miles on it) but I would like someone to look at it, just to get him running at full performance. (it sat in the owners garage much of the time) I am not neccessarily mechanically inclined and have called around to 5 different "scooter" repair shops and none of them will work on a Chinese made scooter. I saw that someone mentioned a lawnmower repair shop that was willing to look at their scooter...What was the result of that? Can anyone advise?

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I was informed not to trust that particular lawnmower shop

Not to be the bearer of bad news. You must be mechanically inclined (he or she was not) or know someone who is a mechanic and has motor scooter knowledge.

Update. I did catch-up to the scandalous dealer last year, filed civilly & of course, railroaded. During the back and forth, a mechanic I haven't seen in years, did have mechanical knowledge and informed me this motor scooter ride like it has been refurbished. A few days later, I discovered the VIN tag doesn't match the Title VIN. The State of NJ is ranked #1 in Corruption. Conducting a fraudulent transaction is legal.

They unloaded a problematic motor scooter on you. Try and get your money back.

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I love my Chinese scooter. It's so reliable. I've done 8435 miles and all I've done is serviced it every 1000 miles. You can get parts Very easy nowdays. I use to own a vespa, and I had nothing but trouble with the thing. It's Funny really, people use to say back in the 1960's " stay clear of those Japenesse imports, they are a load of rubbish!" All these big brands have been ripping us off for years! I'm pleased the chinese are offering more affordable bikes for us to enjoy. :)

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Some of the comments in this forum just made me cringe. Many of you simply do not know what you are talking about. If you buy a Kymco (Agility line) Honda Mero, or Yamaha BWS you are buying a Chinese scoot! If you buy a Chinese scoot today many of the parts are made in Taiwan or Japan. In fact even if you buy a Vespa most of the bike is assembled and produced in Vietnam!!!!

Don't dump on Chinese bikes just because. It isn't fair.

Chinese scoots have improved a lot during the past 5 years or so, but like everything else, there are good Chinese Scoots and re are bad Chinese Scoots. How do you know which is which?

Some Chinese companies make their own engines. Start there. SYM makes the TOMOS Nitro in China. Its their own engine and its a great, well-made bike (I own one.) Another is Linhai which is partly owned by Yamaha. If you see a Linhai motor on another brand don't buy that brand because Linhai does not sell their motors to any other manufacturer. Neither does SYM. In fact, Linhai is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in China. Many of their products are marketed under the Yamaha label. These two brands and Benzhou are well made and up to the standards of Taiwanese manufacturers. (If my research is right Benzhou makes the Agility line for Kymco.) There are other tier-one manufacturers in China as well, just these three I am familiar with.

There are mid-tier Chinese brands as well such as Pulse, Lightspeed, Chironex, Roketta, and Tank. Today Pulse is producing a beautifully made product indeed. The mid-tier bikes are often cheaper than the top-tier bikes, but can be a bit less reliable to own.

With 2,800 scooter manufacturers in China there is a lot of junk being turned out too, but lots of fine high quality scooters as well. Another good tip is to make sure that there is an American (or Canadian) distrbutor and that the distributor has a large parts inventory. I called TOMOS before purchasing my bike and found out that they were operating from a warehouse that is
60,000 square feet in Canada. Do your homework.

What is my point? When you buy a Chinese bike, you re really buying a Chinese assembled bike. The engine, carborator, CDI, ignition coil, and transmission are most likely Japonese. Heck the GY6 engine is screw for screw, casting for casting, part for part a Japonese engine!!!

All scooters need repair and maintenance. Chinese scooters, if you do your research and buy a top tier brand, will be every bit as reliebale as anything else out there.

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I read above about some complaints of vibration. Bear in mind that all single cylinder engines do vibrate. A few modern designs may have a pair of internal rotating shafts with balance weights that counters the major vibration component. Most low cost single cylinder engines do not have such. Vertical twin cylinders also vibrate.

If you find that some parts rattle/buzz at certain engine speeds, you may be able to quiet these with silicon rubber cement (caulking compound). For example, I had a license plate that wanted to buzz. A couple dollops of silicon rubber cement on the backside of the plate that pasted the free edges to the holder fixed the problem and added damping as well. When necessary, the cement can be peeled off.

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