Help! Can't get scooter latch lock unlock to access my gas tank!

mhannaApril 23, 2008

Ok so this really bums me out! I just bought a super sweet scooter online, received it just fine, all worked great.....until I took off the seat to find where the battery needed to be installed.

Well, come to find out the battery goes elsewhere, so I took off seat for no reason.

After I bolted the seat back on, everything fit back in place just fine, however now I can't get the lock to unlock.

It's a type of latch lock similar to that of a car trunk latch.

Any advice on how I might get this latch lock open on my scooter seat will be INCREDIBLY appreciated as I can't fill it with more gas until I get the seat unlock to access gas tank. :-(

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time to move down

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