Cold weather riding gear

cfmuehlingApril 8, 2009

Hi all!

20 years ago or so I had my motorcycle jacket lined with a great, quilted, extremely warm fabric. Unfortunately, although always toasty, it made my jacket bulky and rather stiff.

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas with today's technology and new cold weather fabrics, what I should use to have it relined? I'm thinking there might be some skiers, climbers, boarders, and all-weather riders who might have something that works for them in extremely cold temps.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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If you have done ANY online research, Thinsulate must have been mentioned NUMEROUS times.

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Yes, I have and it has been. I don't know anyone personally who has anything lined with it.
Are you such a person or are you merely parroting?
I do appreciate suggestions, particularly when coming from personal experience.
I am sure you can understand that.


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go to and buy a heated jacket liner and gloves. That will be the BEST money you ever spend...

Royce in NH

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