Looking for old Harley and Indian info.

blue_fastbackFebruary 23, 2007

A buddy and his cousin just recieved from a will a 1956 Harley and 19?? Indian. He just told me today and I thought I might ask to find out the value of these. The Indian needs some parts and he is having a hard time coming up with pictures. Both bikes are dismantled.

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Depends on so many things that it is hard to even guess. Basket cases are often mismatched parts, so it depends a lot on how many parts are original to that year, and what condition they are in. Mid-50s Harleys are my personal favorite. Could be a K Model (the predecessor to the Sportster) or a Panhead. A good condition model from that year goes for at least $12,000, or more. But that is for an all original, fully operating bike.

The Indian could be worth a lot more, depending on the year and model. Even the cheapest Indians from the original company go for well over $10,000, but again for a fully functional bike. The good news is that parts are relatively easy to find for most Indians, including lots of new replica parts (check out kiwi-indian.com).

There are plenty of guys around the country who can tell you what you need to restore the bikes. You need to find a nearby expert and start seeing what you got.

Hope you guys get em running.

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I have a friend that is an Indian "expert". He could probably answer some questions for you on the Indian.

Better for your friend if you could post some pictures of his bike.

What part of Michigan are you from?

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I am from Livonia. I will be talking to my buddy on friday to get more info.

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The '56 could also...just maybe...be a Flathead servi-car.
You say they're both basket cases, so who knows.

I'm interested in finding out whatcha got there!
Keep us posted.....

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If your buddy plans on restoring the Harley, Bruce Palmer's book: "How to Restore Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle" is invaluable.
I used it when I restored my Flathead.

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