Can I freeze Quiche?

dgkritchAugust 29, 2008

Since I have chickens and I'm getting a dozen plus eggs/day, I'd like to bake quiche (probably a crustless variety)in a foil lined pie plate, then remove the entire thing, wrap and freeze. It could then be re-heated in the same pan/plate.

What am I going to lose in taste and texture?

I am not crazy about freezing plain eggs.



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I successfully freeze quiche. It freezes very well in the disposable foil pie pans. I even freeze partial quiches (leftover pieces) for individual meals when DH is traveling and it is just one for dinner!

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I thought it would work, but it's nice to hear from somebody who's actually done it!

I may just bake in a 9 x 13 and cut into bars for single meals. DH and I take our lunches to work too and those would be handy as well as quick for dinner.

Any favorite filling combos?
A while back I made two. One was bacon and asparagus and the other was simply mushroom and olives (so vegetarian DD#2 could eat it). We were shocked to find we like the veggie one better! Better than Bacon! And Asparagus! Can you believe THAT??? LOL

Sometimes certain flavors just 'work' together!


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I've frozen it too and like it. Of course, nothing is ever as good as fresh from the oven, but I think it freezes beautifully.

My favorite combo, hands down, is onion, potato, hot peppers and cheddar cheese. May be weird, but that's my fave!

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I am another who freezes quiche. Have never noticed any issues with flavor/texture.

Ham and mushroom is a good combo, as is a veggie quiche with onions, broccoli, red pepper, mushrooms....any veggies you like, actually.


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We also like a feta - black olive - artichoke combo. But, we like almost everything!

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I have never frozen one because I thought the eggs would end up rubbery. I might have to try it now.

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I have frozen pieces of quiche when I had it left over and no one to eat it for a few days. I didn't much like the results...but it was better than tossing it out.
The eggs constrict and squeeze out extra moisture which makes the crust a bit soggy.
I would naver make quich with plans to freeze it , like say lasagna, but it's better to freeze it then toss it out....and if youwarm it in a fry pan, the crust will dry out a bit.
Linda C

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Hmmm. Linda, is it better to freeze an uncooked quiche and bake it from the still frozen state? I partly bake my quiche crusts before filling.

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Don't know....never tried it. But I would think the crust would be exceedingly soggy, par baked or not.
A quiche is so quick and easy once you have made the crust, I can't see any reason to freeze one other than if you have some leftover.
If I need to have "plan ahead quiche" I either make and freeze the unbaked crust in round discs, grate the cheese, fry the bacon, chop the onion par cook the veggies and put it all together, mix up the egg and milk/cream pour it in and pop it into the oven.
When we had 2 kids in college I would take quiche for a tail gate for an 11 AM game at a site 1 3/4 hours away. The crusts were pre baked, the cheese grated, the onions chopped the milk and cream mixed up and seasoned....and in my sleepy 6 AM state I could make them up, pop them into the oven and by the time I had taken a shower and put on my Hawk colors, they were ready to pack into styrofoam coolers....and those that didn't get eaten pre-game were still steaming hot post game.
If you need to freeze a meal, there are better things to freeze than quiche.
Linda C

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I've never had any success freezing quiche.

The fillings always get rubbery, watery, and the cheese gets grainy as all get out.

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That's strange that some of us have done it to where we like it and others haven't. Especially, the talented, experienced others... Is this just a taste thing?

When I have frozen a quiche with a crust (Deanna was thinking of crustless) it has worked fine. But, NOT microwaved as a reheating method. Also, I use store bought pie crusts, as my g'mas pie crust recipe disappeared when she died and no other lives up to it. So, I just buy it. After the quiche is done, I freeze it in the original pie tin, inside of a 1 gallon freezer baggie. I cut in sections before freezing and it works great. I reheat in a regular oven or a toaster oven, usually not in the original pie tin as I am only heating one or two pieces.

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"But, NOT microwaved as a reheating method."

Uh oh....

That's how I've reheated it...

I wonder if that explains it?

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I use the same method as trsinc - freezing when the quiche is completely cooled to avoid condensation. I wouldn't plan to serve it to company - but it is great for a quick meal meal for myself with a salad. I also heat it up in the oven.
I would not freeze an unbaked quiche.

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i make quiches often and definitely prefer freezing before baking - you have to carefully get it into the freezer (once spilled egg mixture everywhere, ugg!) but once frozen you can wrap in tin foil or a freezer bag and freeze for a month. when ready, remove from freezer and place directly into 400 degree oven and bake for about 40-45 minutes until set. can't really tell the difference between a frozen one and one you just prepped. :-)

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