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sdrawkcabAugust 14, 2006

whoo hoo! first post!

what kind of insurance do you all cary on your bikes? what does it cost you?

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Sometimes it's fun to be first!!
DH and I use Progressive full coverage. We have a '05 HD Road Glide and a '92 HD FXLRC it costs about $950 per year. In Florida if you choose not to wear a helmet you must carry $10,000 for medical expenses. We both wear helmets but being self employed can't afford health insurance. So this was the cheapest route for us. How about you?

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i am 21, male, unmarried, non-homeowner, riding a 2006 Kawi EX250R. i have 500/1000 deducts and i think $10,000 health, i pay $638 for 6 months. if i get married, turn 25, or own a home this would go down a lot but none of those will be happening soon. stupid sportbikes with "r" designations. Kawi had the right idea- its cheaper to insure a ZX-14 (fastest production street bike ever made, also called the busa' killer) than a ZZR1200, even though the zzr is slower, the ZX-14 is a "touring" bike (ha ha ha ha ha) the ZZR is a race bike. I use State Farm but im thinking about switching.

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I have a Ducati Multistrada 1000 and my insurance company is State Farm. With a $500.00 deductible my rate for the year is 496.00

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