Pricing custom-built metal spiral staircases?

carolbarrel07December 30, 2007

What should I expect to pay a shop that does metal work (mostly burglar bars and security items) for a 7-8 ft spiral staircase? I'd like to give my business to a local shop rather than one of the spiral staircase manufacturers I've seen advertise in mags and online. Plus I could avoid high shipping costs if I buy local. Anybody have a guesstimate of materials for an iron or steel spiral staircase (labor costs vary, this place should be fairly low because they're in a low rent district of Atlanta.) Thanks in advance for any insights!

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The shop is going to order one of the kits anyhow, and chrge you for the shipping, hand, and instilation. If they custom build you one, it is even more costly because the price of iron alone now a days is outragious. Plus trust me there is alot of time(labor) involved with custom building a spiral staircase.

If you are able to install it yourself. This is the route that I would recomend. Atleast you cut out the middle man and save a little in labor.


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