Help! DIY drilling hole in Stainless kitchen Steel Backsplash

ashleysfDecember 8, 2004

Forum experts please help me out! We decided to go with a stainless steel backsplash for our kitchen (over the cooktop). We also have a potfiller installed in this region. So, basically we need to drill a 5/8 inch hole in the backsplash for installing it. The backsplash is made of 19 guage 304 quality stainless steel as per the manufacturer. We are DIYing the kitchen remodel - so I am wondering how to drill this hole and what kind of tools we need (I assume we need special drill bits etc). Since we are new to metalworking, any tips will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Use a chassis punch. Drilling thin sheet metal is a PITA. If you want to try drilling the tile should be sandwiched between two pieces of wood, then drilled.

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You can drill it with a good quality Bimetal Hole - saw, with a pilot drill.

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Clamp the piece between two pieces of wood as brickeye said but the top pieces of wood should only be next to the hole so the surface of the sheet where you are drilling can be seen as you drill thru, use a good metal cutting hole saw it will have a finer tooth count than a bimetal but costs more(A quality blade is the key here, some of the cheapo bimetal blades will not cut the SS)You will also need a good variable speed drill motor, also use plenty of cutting fluid squirted on the blade, the problem that most people run into on SS is that they try to drill it at too fast of a cutting speed, and they overheat the blade. Drill at a slow speed (some people use a start/stop method) and stop if the bit gets hot and apply plenty of cutting fluid. Caution: try your cutting fluid choice on a scrap piece to be sure it wipes off clean, some fluids will leave a stain on SS! You might want to drill a scrap piece just to get the feel of how it drills out. Oh yeah and don't forget to measure twice and drill once. Good Luck

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Thanks a lot to you helpful folks for giving us more confidence. I appreciate that you took time out to explain to me in detail how to get this done. i will post back here about how things go...


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