jumper cables

wily_williamDecember 16, 2007

IÂm planning on making a set of jumper cables with one-aught (1/0) welding cableÂand since what I know about welding cable you could put in your eye, IÂm wondering what to look for in the product: the type of outer jacket (neoprene, EPDM?), the type of cable/jacket separator, the construction of the cable itself.

I find that I can buy cable on line at a substantial discount over the local supplier Âeven with shipping. Yet IÂm not sure of which vendor to go with.

Has anyone any experience with welding cableÂor with homemade jumper cablesÂthat I could use?

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You may find that just buying a set actually costs less.

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Thanks so much for your response. Likely, I could buy a substantial set for less than I have now in the clamps alone: $57+. But . . . in for a penny, in for a pound. And for personal reasons I want to have the best cables money can buy.

Many thanks, again, for your interest.

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