How to get a copper fire pit cover made

steveintnDecember 2, 2006

I need to make a 42 inch circumference copper cover for a fire pit. Doesn't need to be fancy, concave, like a big shield with a handle in the middle.

I know nothing about working with metal. Retail prices for this kind of cover are steep. Of course, if you have a bargain source for something like this, let me know.

Any suggestions on what to do (or not do)while getting this done. Who best to call for the raw materials? My local metal scrap place? Is copper more difficult to work with than say, iron or steel? How many hours of skilled metal working labor should I expect to hammer/weld/forge this?

Thanks for any insights. It's for a gift.

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I've seen those offered in gardening catalogues, like Gardeners Supply, or Lee Valley. It is usually easier and cheaper to buy something already being manufactured than to reinvent the wheel.

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You should be able to find a local HVAC company to purchase the copper. They will also cut it for you. Copper is soft and not easy to cut without /crimping the edges.

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