How to may a chain-link fence gate stay in adjustment

central_valleyDecember 28, 2013

Sorry if this is a bit far from the forum's topic. I can't find a forum that's really appropriate, and I hope people who work with metal will know the answer.

My gardem has a gate of the sort that commonly appears in a chain link fence, and it was scraping the ground when it was opened. I've adjusted it, but I don't know how to prevent the problem from happening again (and again and again).

The gate's hinges are attached to the gate's frame on one side, and a supporting pole on the other, by metal straps. Each strap is clamped around the support by a nut and bolt. But no matter how much the nut is tightened, the straps are going to slip a little at a time until the gate is resting on the ground again. I can see by the marks on the supporting pole that this has happened before.

There should be a "right way" to install this gate so that once it's adjusted it stays in place. Does anyone know how?

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An instant fix with some thin plastic or rubber put between should work.
Take the clamp apart or loosen all the way,
I'm thinking plastic of some sort of bottles [similar size] cut in half and put around. Perhaps pop bottle, if need be two layers.

Or... put some outdoor silicone onto both side, tighten up, not too hard to where it should be, let the gate weight resting on something on the ground,..clean up the squeezed out silicon with towel, let it rest for at least 24 hours, then tighten up all the way.

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