LP Gas Tank

trickster734December 5, 2005

Hi all 1st post so here go's, I received a 125 gal lp gas tank, the tank is empty and vented open. I plan on making a smoker/cooker out of it. I have been told that prior to working on it I should fill it with water and let it sit for about a week drain and repeat. I have also been told that when cutting into the tank with a torch that the metal will sometimes pop due to being impregnated with residual gas. Does anyone here have any exp with welding and cutting on these type of tanks, and is this the proper way to purge. I know it can be done, I see these cookers all over the place. Thanks

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I guess it can be done, but you better d--ned sure know what you're doing or you'll be the first and last thing cooked on that cooker.

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I saw a man use a flexable pipe ran it from exhaust of his Portable welder to the propane tank. Somehow the Carbon monoxide disapated the propane gas fumes. Had no problem then cutting ends out of the tank.

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I've cut A few up for various reasons over the years but I like to wash them out with Dawn dish soap and let them sit open to the atmosphere for a few months before I cut them.
I like to use a Sawsall to cut them as I have less grinding to do and the chance of sparks is greatly reduced. If A torch is used A few pounds of dry ice put into the tank will drive out any oxygen. Put the dry ice in the tank and leave it in for A few hours (this gives you a chance to check on your health and life insurance) I don't like the exhaust gas trick as if your vehicle is running rich you might be putting gasoline vapor into the tank and this would not be good. At the vary least fill the tank to the cut line with water before you cut it.
The best bet is to use a new tank from Tractor Supply or the like. I don't think they cost that much (50 bucks?) and it's A damn site safer!

Good Luck!
PS: This is only my experence,Your results may vary.

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