220 circuit at home shop and arc welding

busbyturboDecember 26, 2005

Can a 220 electrical circuit in a home shop adequately supply an arc welder?

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Pooh Bear

Depends on the size of the arc welder.
How many amps does the welder pull at full power.
How many amps is the circuit breaker rated for.
What size wire connects the breaker and the outlet.

A welder of any decent size is gonna need a beefed up electrical circuit.

Pooh Bear

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The home use 220 volt arc welders I've seen (Lincoln, Miller) require 50 amp circuits.

Industrial/commercial ones might require more amps, but they may also require 3 phase circuitry, which most home shops don't have.

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I use mine on a circuit I pulled from a 30A breaker for the dryer or the electric range I think. The welder takes 16 A and welds with 1/8" electrodes. I wired the shop with a #8 cable. I paid ã50 for the welder in the UK. I've seen the same in a supermarket in France for â¬32. Made in Italy. It works perfect. I live in Canada now.


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