What should I use to file down copper corners?

deegcDecember 14, 2009

I have covered an old table with copper sheeting (I was inspired by this board). The corners are a bit sharp and I'd like to soften them some with a file. The cheap file I have on hand doesn't work so I want to buy a new one. Is there anything I should look for when buying a file for copper?

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I attempted to reply to your question, but the garden web system booted me out after two attempts to make my post acceptable. In hind sight, I realize that the name of one type of file I was recommending apparently tripped off a smut filter.

The message I got was that I was using html code, which I wasn't, or profanity, which I wasn't.

So drop me an email, and I'll reply directly with my advice.

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Just use sandpaper. Copper is soft enough that woodworking tools work just fine. I used a random orbit sander with 200 grit to round out my corners and edges, but you could do it by hand as well. The Gator grit brand works great.

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