problem with osp 3000 of okuma lc10

dynamometerDecember 9, 2007


I have problems with Okuma LC-10 OSP 3000 (1981) programming unit 7-segment display.

As you see on the picture link below on the left upper corner of the picture, 7-segments are not working :

Here is another view inside unit :

Schematics for 7-segment are here :

A LOT of other files and pictures you may find from here :

Shortly the problem could be the display data latching failure.

So, if anyone have faced same problem, please tell what could be wrong or which part to replace?

Does anyone know where to get spareparts?

Does anyone have IF12 board electrical schematics or any ideas where to get?

IF12 board is located on main cabin and is a possible reason. Its serial number is : E4809-032-399-C

All advices very welcome, I would like to get Okuma back running again.




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