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goldilockssFebruary 28, 2013

I have seen such great feedback given to other plans here that I would greatly appreciate if you could provide some suggestions on m kitchen reno.

This will be an open concept kitchen, we are not going to be using a table, but the right half of the island should allow for seating of 4 people. We are going to be using the Electrolux Icon Twins for our fridge and freezer, followed by a Microwave / Oven cabinet.

Thanks a lot in advance From Kitchen

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this is another view that may help visualize the kitchen plan.
From Kitchen

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robo (z6a)

34 inch aisle plus stove backing on dishwasher is way too tight. Landing space to left of cooktop, which will also catch stuff from fridge and oven, is very insufficient. Can you chop off 12 inches from back of island to increase clearances between sink and stove? Can you make island even longer, pushing in to family room, to get more space to left of stove (24 inches would be nice) and get stove away from dw? If your island is now that long would you consider putting sink and dw in it and putting stove on back wall to avoid venting issues?

I love a long narrow island:

Also is the family room the centre of the house? Might be worth considering a counter depth fridge where the pantry cabs are to keep snack getters out of your kitchen.

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robo (z6a)

Also is that window location set?

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Do you really want your view from the family room into the kitchen to be a wall of tall, towering, cold lineup of stainless fridge/freezer/ovens? Wouldn't you rather put the cooktop with a really cool hood there instead?

Also, as others have mentioned, your island is way too wide for the space. The length seems OK.

To be honest, I would give up at least the twins for a standard 36" wide fridge, and possible do a range instead of cooktop and wall oven too. But, I like a challenge so I have thought out an option that leaves you with every appliance plus about 30" of pantry space. :) Here we go...

What I would do is redistribute the appliances so that left wall is not so ugly. I would put the range with a nice hood on the left wall, with the wall ovens down towards the bottom of that wall. I would put the fridge on the end of the sink wall which will give you a pretty nice work triangle, although the island is a bit of a barrier and the DW is in the way. If you want, you can swap the ovens and fridge at this point and add a prep sink to the left end of the island.

The freezer is accessed less often so I would put it on that 72" pantry wall with a 30" side tall pantry cabinet next to it. At this point you have no nearby landing space for the fridge or pantry - but do you really need it for frozen or room temp items? I don't think so, but if you think you need it you can swap out 15" of the pantry space for 15" of countertop next to the freezer on whichever side the freezer opens to.

Either way I would not go less than 48" for the top aisle, 42" for the bottom aisle, and 42" for the left aisle. This means your island can only be 27" wide, which means:
a) just the base cabinetry (no seating), or
b) just counter with no cabinetry underneath (seating allowed on both sides), or
c) 12" deep base cabinetry (standard depth is 24") plus an inadequate seating overhang of 12" (recommended minimum is 15", your sitters will be uncomfortable, or
d) 12" deep base cabinetry (standard depth is 24") plus an adequate seating overhang of 15" (which will reduce the bottom aisle to 39" - would not do if you put the fridge on the left wall, since that will then be a major traffic aisle), or
e) some combination of the above a-d. Personally I would do one or two base cabinets at the left end of the island (option a) and then extend the countertop on legs, with no cabinetry beneath (option b) to allow for the seating that you want.

I hope this helps!

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Oh, that link robotropolis posted has exactly the cabinetry-table hybrid kind of island I was talking about in my option e) above. Here's the picture in-line:

Contemporary Kitchen design

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I'll let the experts chime in, but I'll add I have a similar sized shape, but have about 6.5 more inches in width to deal with. I will have a long narrow (104x39" island) with seating on one side. You might want to play around with a "spoon" shaped island and post dimensions of the surrounding rooms, to get a better idea of how much room there is to play with. (But you'll have to adjust that small remaining run to the right of the doors -- you have another pinch point there)

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I played with your plan. This is what I think I might do. It gives you room to open all appliance doors and still pass by. I would put a small prep sink in the island, and I would evaluate a drawer microwave there. I love my island so equipped. Trash goes by prep sink.

This plan does involve putting the freezer elsewhere. But I think what you gain in functionality is worth it.

You could, I guess, put the freezer in the area to the right of the backyard doors. It wouldn't be much uglier therethan elsewhere. :-)

Anyway, there may be some ideas here you might want to consider.

You might want to look at Davidahn's great informative post on solutions for a dead corner. His numbers for square inches used are invaluable in deciding about this thorny issue.

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Thank you all for your suggestions, they make a lot of sense and will definitely incorporate your ideas. I will increase the landing area to the left of the cooktop and make the island thinner.

robotropolis ** To answer some of your questions, I'm being told that I cannot put the cooktop on the back wall due to code restrictions and yes the window and doors are fixed.

tracie.erin & gooster ** I see what you mean about a skinnier island.

Bellsmom ** thanks for the suggestion to look at Davidahn's post for dead corners.

Thanks again, you guys are great for taking the time to look at my crazy kitchen.

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Do you guys have any opinions between italian laminate (as per picture) and oak riff cut veneer?

The cabinets I am leaning towards are this style From Kitchen

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