is this possible?

konabeanerDecember 16, 2004

We are building a new home with a "semi-custom" builder. I want iron balusters but they want to charge an outrageous amount compared to the cost of the balusters themselves (I have priced the components at $1,000 and they want $4,900 total to have it installed). Installation looks very easy to me.....the top fits directly into the handrail and the bottom fits into a shoe that is hard can that be? but I don't want to have them install wood and then rip it out to install iron myself later, because I'd be concerned the wood would be damaged. Would it? Is there anything we could have them do to lessen that likelihood, like telling them not to glue the balusters?

What I'm thinking of having done is having them install plain or simple twist balusters and then find some design components that would fit between the balusters and have those added later. How hard would it be to do that?

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.

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I think that you are up against a safety and liability issue here. If the builder fails to finish off the staircase, and you take possession of the house, he would be liable if someone falls and is injured as a result of the fall. So, he is not going to want to leave the hand rails incompleted or not attached.

I would personally be reluctant to install my own balusters, because the fitting sounds like a major headache. These fixtures are going to be handled and flexed every day, that is their purpose. Therefore, all of the joints, fittings, and connections have to be first class and without defect.

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It is very likely that the inspector will require that the baluster system be complete before the electric power can be connected or a Certificate of Occupancy issued.

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Checkout the iron products from OutWater

Here is a link that might be useful: Outwater's iron products

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